At the moment, I actually fell into a trap again. The only secret imperial palace in the hands of Emperor Vientiane made it more exquisite.

But what about that?
Although he is divorced from the history of the Jin territory, the three-pointed and two-edged gun in his hand at the moment has two doom!
The history of more than 200,000 years is heavy enough to crush this small heaven.
Three eyes suspended in the green, looking at the foot, Kunlun celestial appearance, the center is a huge imperial city, and there are fairy temples thousands of miles away, east, west, north and south, as tiny as ants. Kunlun immortals looked up at him nervously.
Buzz, buzz, buzz
In the sky, dozens of objects, which are shaped like spheres, seem to be small floating islands with metal color as a whole.
Is this a thing?
Three eyes were wondering when they saw the blue light from those silver circular floating islands shining on him like sharp arrows, but it was painful.
"Fang Xiaoxiao dares to sneak attack!"
Three-eyed huffing refers to shooting golden light in the eyes of the third god, and blasting those round floating islands to detain one floating island after another.
Hum! Three eyes cold hum waving gun wondering where to destroy.
This small heaven is only 200 years old, and the three eyes are as poor as a thin piece of paper, which can be pierced by a light wear.
From that central palace!
The idea of three eyes must have been so fierce that it aimed at the central heavenly palace and hit it like a meteor. The central part of the heavenly palace cried and smashed a huge hole in the center of the heavenly palace. The building debris flew everywhere and a large part of the hall was destroyed.
Not only that.
The whole Yueluo celestial body shook a large area, and the fragments of the celestial body peeled off from the earth and dissipated into shape.
"Ha, ha, ha ~" Sanmu felt that this blow had consumed thousands of years of history, but it had cut off one percent of the territory of Kunlun Heaven. "It was really a poor heaven!"
"Who do you say is poor!" A-anger swallowed their anger.
As soon as I looked over there, I saw a palace girl staring at him with eyebrows, followed by a bear, a snake and a mouse.
"Bite him!" The girl in the palace said
The serpent with gold stripes on the black background jumped up and down, and wrapped the snake body tightly around the third eye as if to strangle it.
"joke!" Three eyes carrying a gun and splitting vertically directly cut off the giant snake from it, and connected it with the snake body by relying on the title stone.
The serpent escaped miserably and spilled a line of blood on the ground.
When the second mouse saw the snake’s defeat, she was so frightened that she shivered with her claws and turned around and fled without fighting, so that the girl in the palace stamped her feet.
When waiting for the third black and white bear to come slowly, the disdain in the third eye has reached the extreme, and the bear will be flattened with the pistol blade.
Black-and-white bear pulls a three-eye, three-pointed and two-edged gun with one claw, and the other claw is severely inserted into the three-eye chest.
Three eyes feel a cold chest.
His sacred body was wounded?
And this bear attack with a struggle for the national unyielding soul can actually kill his historical sacred body for a whole robbery, so it is cancelled out.
"You …!" Three eyes glared at the black and white bear.
The black and white bear shakes his head and is very cute.
Bang! Three eyes turned and the tail of the gun hit the bear’s head, so that the bear’s skull burst and fell to see the dead.

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