Wang Beifeng immediately promised to come, "No problem, I will hand over the baby milk powder to you for sale."

Due to the problem of domestic brand letter, the domestic milk powder has entered a morbid sales model because the imported milk powder has been squeezed by Yimeng sheep.
The research and development funds to be produced in the future have to be advertised, and the first-class dealer system makes the ex-factory price of domestic milk powder keep pace with the price of imported milk powder around 7~11 yuan, which is the real pothole.
Domestic milk powder is notorious in the past, and those whose prices are too high and the prices of imported milk powder are almost the same can vote.
Du Jinhua said the time information to the plan "Mr. Wang, I suggest that you combine a self-operated store with the physical store of Time Amusement Building on the official number of Time Blog, and send it by express mail if there is no coverage in the city"
Wang Beifeng felt good when he heard this plan. Online ordering factory outlets cooperated with the store clerk in the amusement building to deliver goods directly to the door.
If there is Fengmin agricultural milk company, the local milk delivery staff can also be benefited, and the delivery door can also be eliminated
At present, the price of one gram of baby milk powder sold in the market is 27~3 yuan, which is obviously too high.
It’s not that Wandashan wants to sell it so expensive, but that the final price is so high after the dealer’s first-class drumming.
If the time information sales network is adopted, there is no need for so many dealers to take advantage of this big price reduction of foreign brands to take back some regional distribution and hand it over to time information for sale.
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Payment
June 24th
Time blog
Wandashan dairy industry official Hao
Through an ordering interface, members of his cloud inspection quality association have also successively connected their own direct sales stores.
After half a year’s development, the cloud inspection platform has become more and more mature, but there are only 43 successful franchisees.
It’s not that it can’t be detected, but that the cloud has checked to ensure that these cards are not problematic. Even if they pass the sampling inspection two or three times a month, enterprises will have to undergo very strict examination.
For example, enterprise background investigation, actual controller investigation, business history investigation, production and quality orientation detection.
For those who have problems, the refusal of the enterprise department to join the cloud inspection quality association is an accident and a lifelong rhythm.
Even if there is no problem with the enterprise, the shareholders and actual controllers of the enterprise will be refused to join.
In case of time information, Robinia pseudoacacia Ant Company, another company of Suiren Company, was entrusted to send people to the production departments of these enterprises for a long time to cooperate with Qingshui Testing Company to investigate the production and quality.
Even if these enterprises want to blow themselves up and destroy multiple insurance time information together with the credibility of cloud inspection, they can pre-empt the other party directly by rubbing the ground first.
If you don’t accept the stationing of Robinia pseudoacacia ant supervision team or deliberately obstruct the production and quality monitoring, the time information will directly preempt the production and sales, and send a risk warning online, and then sue the other party for breach of contract.
Those enterprises that really want to operate the brand will never stop the locust ant steering group, but they want to be the joint monitoring base of locust ant and time information in the self-explosion truck enterprise, which can not bypass the monitoring.
At present, the enemy of fact time information is Taotao. com fake manufacturers.
Each affiliated enterprise and the time information law department set up the former huge joint law to prosecute those businesses that dare to impersonate, and they will collect evidence and report complaints in one stop.
After being killed for more than a dozen times, Taotao. com merchants and those imitation factories dare not fake the production and sales of cloud inspection products.
The joint method of time information formation is called "Mad Dog Corps" by people in the industry. If you want to be stared at, you are chasing after it.
It is this hard-core mechanism that ensures the credibility of the cloud inspection platform after a series of development. At present, the credibility of the cloud inspection platform is constantly rising, which makes the official quality inspection departments somewhat passive.
But Ziguangge also intends to beat those who don’t help the cloud inspection catfish and force the quality inspection department.
After all, the problems exposed in the tainted milk incident last year made people very angry and felt that the quality inspection department was not in cahoots with some enterprises.
That’s why cloud inspection has developed greatly. This is the default result. Ziguangge subscribes to Cloud Inspection Weekly every week.
Now many enterprises are afraid of cloud inspection and spot check, because it will go straight to the sky to listen to the red list, which is equivalent to advertising; If it’s a black list, then it’s the rhythm of finishing calves
Chinese enterprises sometimes can’t produce good things, but some people are too dark. Selling them abroad is not only of good quality, but also cheaper than China.
Just like Mongolian sheep and beaver, they export products. This is not because the technology can’t meet the requirements, but because they are too dark, and they can earn more profits through low standards and high prices.
There is also the brain industry, Liangxiang Company, which claims to be the conscience of Midi, but it is not a wave of false reputation and naked double standard.
It is disgusting that these enterprises engage in low allocation and high price under the banner of national enterprises, but foreign countries offer high allocation and low price to foreign fathers.
Time information head office
Jiang Miao, the president’s office, and several vice presidents are discussing some recent things.
At present, the time information industry is very large, including blog division, Boku division, cloud inspection division, public welfare division, social circle division, entertainment division, and business division.
Foreign-funded companies include Qingshui Testing Company, Real World Agency, Good Time Management Company (Amusement Building Management Company), Time Film and Television Company and Time Industrial Design Company.
Responsible for the construction of time information network payment platform. Li Jianhua’s face was tired and he felt a little relieved. "President Jiang, we reached an agreement with the four major banks."
"Jianhua has worked hard for you." Jomally also knows that it is difficult.
This time, we can reach an agreement or the time information shows the greatest sincerity, and the blue age of the brother enterprise has also helped a lot.

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