"Try to input reiki" Li Chengzhu smiled slightly.

Qian Duoduo heart one leng immediately according to Li Chengzhu wake up to input reiki in porcelain.
The scene that stunned Qian Duoduo appeared. Seeing the porcelain bottle, the men and women actually moved like that.
The woman kept carrying her hips high and swinging independently, looking for Long Gen, and constantly inserting a head of hair, even dancing with her, showing the jade peak in front of Qian Duoduo.
Qian Duoduo’s Adam’s apple rolled, enjoying that men and women suddenly stopped, and three characters of women floated out on their backs.
The word "the sky" is powerful and faintly showing a domineering spirit.
The word "three words" appeared for several breaths, but Qian Duoduo was completely shocked.
This is not a porcelain vase filled with Dan medicine. It is an art and a magic weapon. Although it cannot be attacked or defended, it is an admirable magic weapon.
Qian Duoduo looked at Li Chengzhu again, his eyes burning.
"My guest, I don’t know if the refining technique you just used is top secret?" Qian Duoduo could feel his mouth trembling.
Boss Li shook his head. Those techniques are not top secret, but a few creative ones that he just came up with.
"Guest officer, please ask Qian to have something to say." Qian Duoduo pulled him over and dragged him into the room regardless of Li Chengzhu’s willingness or unwillingness.
Boss Li smiled bitterly. He could guess what Qian Duoduo was thinking. It was a good business opportunity and a lot of profits. But for one thing, he didn’t have the materials. For another, he asked his brothers to refine such things. It is estimated that they are not doing it now. It seems that they can get cheaper in Qian Duoduo. The most important thing is how much benefit they can get from it. This is also the reason why Li Chengzhu pulled himself with this money without resisting.
As soon as he entered the room, Qian Duoduo immediately bowed respectfully and said, "Qian has seen Li Zongzhu."
"Oh?" Li Chengzhu is a little different. I didn’t expect Qian Duoduo to recognize himself. "Have you seen me?"
"Qian has never seen it" Li Chengzhu’s suggestive admission made Qian Duoduo more excited.
"Then how do you know that I am?"
"Guess" Qian Duoduo is quite proud. "First, money has been mixed up for so many years, and no one has bought so many porcelain vases. The most important thing is that there are so many Dan medicine sects. It is estimated that there are also news of selling Dan medicine and fairy wares. Second, you have heard that the patriarch of Acacia is a magic sword, and it is natural to say nothing."
Boss Li’s face is a little red. After his refining, he was inspired by the month’s petticoats. He was still a novice refiner a few months ago.
However, it is great that Qian Duoduo can guess his identity only from these two pieces of information.
"I know what you mean by dragging me in." Li Chengzhu’s dry cough relieved his embarrassment. "I suspect this is a huge business opportunity. Although people who cultivate immortals don’t need these things, you and I both know about men."
"Is Qian Mou just saw this business opportunity and didn’t want to talk to Li Zongzhu …"
"Will I come in with you if I have no intention?" Li Chengzhu chair looked at Qian Duoduo with a slight smile.
The money shopkeeper repressed his excitement and said slowly, "Qian is a refiner, an elder refiner and a refiner. Although there is no magic sword, the celestial world is also a rare technique. I think if Li Zongzhu can tell Qian how to refine the porcelain vase, you and I can definitely make a fortune together."
"What are my benefits?" Li Chengzhu bumped his legs and asked.
"Three or seven points? Materials, personnel, and sales department are handled by me, and the profits are three and seven. "
Boss Li shook his head like a rattle. "Although I don’t have a jade well and stone mining place, it doesn’t mean that I can’t buy it and the refining method is still me."
"That four or six?" Qian Duoduo tentatively asked, "I take care of everything for Li Zongzhu. How can such a deal be uneconomical if you want to take advantage of it?"
On the 46 th, I still have a lot of money in Qian Duoduo refining cases. Boss Li doesn’t want to insult others. He nodded and said, "I still have one condition. After I live in China, you have to get the porcelain bottles you need first."
"This nature" Qian Duoduo immediately agreed.
If you have a refining technique, are you afraid you won’t make money if you have enough materials in your own Yujingshi vein?
Chapter 14 Hundreds of dried grass
Boss Li and Qian Duoduo reached a basic agreement. Qian Duoduo, a man who has been doing business for a long time, is naturally used to big scenes. Although Boss Li has made a lot of ups and downs during this period, he is not afraid to make money for him.
This alone makes Li Chengzhu think highly of his eyes a little, and this person is thoughtful, smooth and exquisite, and he can guess his identity with just a few guesses. It won’t be too tired to talk to such a clever person, and doing business will naturally follow.
Explained that Qian Duoduo will refine the first batch of porcelain vases and send them to the shops of Hehuan Zongshangdu, and then we will discuss the agreement carefully. Qian Duoduo nodded and said yes
Then Boss Li informed Qian Duoduo of these two little tricks, that is, the technique of refining men’s and women’s intercourse and inputting reiki into a changeable form. Li Chengzhu naturally disdained to keep secrets, and even if it was broadcast, there was not much loss in refining the device. What’s more, it was impossible for Qian Duoduo to spread this technique even if he wanted to make money.
Boss Li doesn’t value the interests of the porcelain bottle. Although there are many interests, it is also dwarfed by his own selling of Dan medicine. Li Chengzhu is optimistic that the advertisement will light up the three characters of Acacia when it is shipped with aura porcelain bottle! I believe that in the future, everyone in the celestial world will know that Acacia not only has absolute superiority in force, but also does not lose money to others.
Li Chengzhu repeatedly told Qian Duoduo that it was necessary to print porcelain vases if the three characters of Acacia were changed.
Qian Duoduo said that at most, Bai himself added the words "Refiner Zongza Xianxuan" to eat some advertising profits along the old road in Li Chengzhu.
This combination can be described as a win for both sides. When Boss Li and Qian Duoduo came out of the room, the Moon Fairy swooshed in front of Li Chengzhu and turned around and asked, "Is it good?"
Boss Li looked at the moon and saw this girl with a few small jewels in her head, which eliminated a lot of charming colors at the tip of her eyebrows, but added a kind of aesthetic expression.
The other two black bracelets, Dai Yue’s white arm and white arm, show a mysterious beauty.
As Yueshang swings, there is a string of tinkling sounds at the ankle. Boss Li should look over and see that Yueshang’s ankle is inlaid with two silver anklets, which are produced by their collision.
It’s just a few small things, but Li Chengzhu’s eyes are nothing, but just these small things set off the beauty of Yueshang incisively and vividly.
Looking like moonlight shining on the moon, Li Chengzhu’s heart is full of love and acid.
Several girls have been with themselves for a long time, and it seems that they have never given them anything.
"Seen madam" Qian Duoduo leaned down untimely and shouted that she would blush with shame.
Everyone knows that Hehuan lives in Li Chengzhu, and the existing four-bedroom wife, this dazzling lady, followed Li Chengzhu out alone, and he was so casual in front of him. No wonder Qian Duoduo would recognize her as Mrs. Li’s boss.
On petticoats face a Tuo red also don’t turn, just blinked at Li Chengzhu also expect him to clarify the facts.
Boss Li’s old face is vigorous, ha ha a smile, and he takes Yue Shang into his arms, and his mouth is thin and thin, "Madam likes to buy it."
Moon girl ruthlessly pinched Li Chengzhu’s waist for two times, but surprisingly she didn’t break free, but her strength grew stronger and stronger.

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