Seeing that Wang Lei is so serious, Lin Miaoshan’s face is also dignified. "That is so good?"

Wang Lei said coldly, "It’s very simple. We are not rivals, but there are four words that are easy to deal with. Let’s kill the four powerful people first. Now the foreigners have neglected to pay off the demon club, but it’s the best time to kill the four people of the Huaer guns team."
Lin Miaoshan nodded immediately and Wang Lei hit it off.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Slaughter heaven
The Huaer Yangqiang Team was born because the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, a semi-foreign and semi-Qing army, was stained with the blood of several Taiping Heavenly Kingdom soldiers, and the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom had a blood feud.
The top management of the Wall Lance Team is a group of western exiles led by Wall, while the ordinary members of the team are some soldiers recruited from China and some mercenaries brought from Europe.
This semi-foreign, semi-Chinese mercenary army is dominated by foreigners, but all countries have infiltrated the Wal-Mart gun team. Since the death of Wal-Mart, western powers have wanted to win over the foreign gun team and hope that one of them will be the captain.
Nowadays, the most fierce competition is between the British and the Americans. Although the Qing court is also jealous, the Huaer guns team is trying to get their hands on it and win some benefits, such as hiring the Qing court.
"The British are really a bunch of assholes who threatened to evacuate Tianjing. At this time, we should go to Tianjing and catch the captain of Wang Lei Wall for revenge!"
In the American Concession, the four major positions of the Wall Lance Team were all very angry and cursed the British.
These four men were all men in black robes, priests, nuns, suits and an officer who came after Wang Leitian in the sea concession that day.
Originally, the four of them led the guns team and hoped that Wall would avenge and revive Wei. Unexpectedly, they were warned by the English not to intervene in the war in Tianjing City and were forcibly expelled from the battlefield hundreds of miles away-
The arrogant British even threatened to kill four of them if they dared to intervene.
In this era, Britain is still an empire that never sets, and the United States is just a second-rate power. It is very reluctant that even the capital, Washington, was invaded by the British in the Anglo-American War decades ago and the White House was burned down. Recently, the Americans were even more weakened. They hated and feared Britain, so how dare they challenge the British?
"Sooner or later, the British will learn a lesson. I don’t believe the Lord will put up with their arrogance." The black priest angrily took a sip of wine and slammed his fist on the table. It is conceivable that the master of heaven was humiliated by this.
"It’s a pity that even people like the Emperor were defeated by them in the end. I don’t know which country can challenge the British." The man in the suit was depressed and somewhat pessimistic.
Hearing this, the other three people were silent and woke up from their anger. Some people thought that even Napoleon, who was as powerful as that year, could not stand it. The British wanted to teach the British a lesson.
It is impossible to do it without the four of them.
Just then, the officer’s eyes lit up with excitement. "Listen, I just received the news that Tianjing actually held the Qing army’s defeat and even Li Hongzhang and Zuo Zongtang’s strength were beaten to the sixth order."
"What a thing!"
Black priest and others find it hard to believe.
"Ha ha ha, British people will have this day."
"It serves you right. That damn guy Harper will be punished this time."
The four of them gloated and laughed, and their mood was as bright as the sun.
"Wait a minute, don’t you think it’s a little strange?" The nun suddenly interrupted the conversation with a frown.
"What’s strange, Grace?" The man in uniform wondered. The other two also looked at Sister Grace.
Grace sink a way: "How could bring up the rear lose to those weak Taiping Heavenly Kingdom heretics when the Qing army had British troops? You know, this time the British sent a powerful man to add Qing to the two Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and it is impossible to turn over the salted fish."
The black priest’s eyes flashed. "Did the English turn against each other?"
"How is it possible!" The man in the suit thought it was a long talk and exclaimed.
"Arthur said it makes sense. The British love to do this kind of shit-stirring business. If they want to destroy the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, why threaten us to withdraw from Tianjing?" The officer agreed with the black priest’s words and methodically analyzed
As soon as he heard it, the three of them immediately realized that the officer’s explanation was in place. From the beginning to the end, the British did not intend to seriously help the Qing country win.
"Damn it, the British finally got beaten. I didn’t expect this result." The man in the suit was disappointed and couldn’t help clenching his fist.
"Harper is so insidious, you must be careful when you deal with him. Maybe we can pay him back," Arthur, a black priest, gritted his teeth.
The original excitement dissipated instantly, and everyone felt that it was boring to drink.
"Well, go home. The British are too powerful for us. They’d better not ask for it."
Grace got up and sighed
"I can say it later when I get revenge on that Wang Lei, and I have to leave you." The black priest also plans to go back to his residence
The man in the suit and the officer both agreed to say goodbye to each other and then left the hotel separately.
"Ah, without Captain Wall, I don’t know which country the guns team will fall into in the future." The officer drank a lot of wine and muttered and walked towards washing his hands. At the time of the original Wall, the guns team was still a neutral mercenary group. However, it won’t be long before the officers died. The guns team will lose its neutrality and it is not surprising that the team will eventually dissolve without a leader who can suppress the field.
This outcome is not up to these four powerful people to decide. After all, even the powerful people are too small compared with the giants of the great powers.
When the officer came to wash his hands and pants and was ready to have a good bath-
The wall suddenly exploded, and two violent figures suddenly rushed in to wash their hands. The avalanche of power enveloped the officers in an instant, and the officers were taken in tandem.
"What person!"
When the officer felt this terrorist force, he was frightened and roared, and he didn’t even come to his pants. He was so angry that he tried to fight against the sudden attacker.
Then his true qi didn’t play a role at all, and it was blown through the officer’s neck easily, and his chest was blown out of a big hole, and his body flew upside down and smashed the walls.
Theory is that Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan are both martial arts, and they both join hands in moral integrity and sneak attack, and they still choose the time when he urinates weakest. No matter how strong the strong man is, he will be killed by others.
"There are three more"
Lin Miaoshan eyes cold looking at the ruins of the officer’s body without a trace of emotion.
"Just wait for them." Wang Lei said lightly that he and Lin Miao Shan decided to attack and kill the Huaer guns team, and then handed over the matter of killing the deserters from the Qing court to Li Xiucheng, who made the decision to find the Huaer guns team headquarters and found a four-person drinking hotel.
Although the two men arrived early, they did not attack before, but waited for four people to suddenly kill the middle officer first.
The lion fights the rabbit, and the gap between Wang Lei Lin Miaoshan and the four powerful players of the Huaer guns team is not as huge as that between the lion and the rabbit. It is much easier to kill one attack first.
Grace and Arthur have not gone far together outside the hotel. When they heard such a big noise from their hotel, their faces suddenly changed. "It’s not Peter!"
Without thinking about it, they quickly rushed to the hotel.
"Grace Arthur, hurry up. I have a bad feeling!" The man in the suit also rushed over. Grace and Arthur rushed into the hotel alone without waiting for them.

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