"… Hum, we believe that Summer Island in the first district of the European Union is calling for long live the fucking freedom." Little White Tiger got up and said, "I don’t know how many people I can convince to take part in the operation. If no one goes, don’t blame me for not doing it."

"How can you talk?"
"I will tell the truth …!"
In this way, this group of military personnel had a quarrel over military issues, but in the end, Xiao Qinglong tried his best to appease them. In the end, each group of representatives took 500 thousand personnel and 300 thousand other activities
Chongdu reception building
Gu Yan staggered at Puya and said, "I … I’m fine … I just drank some wine."
"Why do you drink so much wine by yourself?" Puya asked holding his frown.
"Nothing … I drank two cups if I wanted to." Gu Yan smiled with a bright tongue and replied stiffly.
"… are you uncomfortable? You lie down first. "
"I’m all right, I didn’t drink too much." Gu Yan shook his steps and slipped and fell directly.
Puya, where can a woman drag Gu Yan, an adult man who has drunk too much? She pulled Gu Yan hard or fell to the ground with a splash.
"Get up quickly! How cold it is!" Puya stretched out his hand and continued pulling Gu Yan.
"I’m all right. I’ll lie down for a while and calm down …" Gu Yan still smiled and said, "Let you laugh!"
"You …!"
"Oh, I’m all right. Go home … I’ll be alone."
"Where is your adjutant?"
"I … I let him have a holiday, hehe"
"Come on, get up and go to bed."
"oh! !”
Puya’s voice just fell, and the old dog suddenly vomited, spewing filth from his nose and mouth and covering himself with it.
A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Although Puya’s cleanliness is very serious, as soon as she saw Gu Yan vomit like this, she immediately bent down and lifted his head and said, "Don’t choke if you vomit low …!"
After a burst of vomiting, the hall is evil, isn’t it? It’s disgusting and Gu Yan is lying still.
Puya wiped the dirty things on her hands with a paper towel. After thinking about it for a long time, she took off her coat directly, rolled up her cuffs and leaked her white arm and shouted, "I’ll help you clean up when it’s too dirty!"
"See … laughed!" Gu Yanli cooperated to get up.
Puya Health took off Gu Yan’s clothes and pulled off his pants to help him wash his face and wipe his body with a towel.
More than half an hour passed after everything was done. Puya changed a set of pajamas for Gu Yan and helped him into the room and put him on the bed.
After the arrangement, Puya picked up the room hygiene tools and cleaned up the dirty things.
It’s getting late. Puya reached for her coat and was ready to leave.
At this moment, a vicissitudes of life grievance brought a little pleading sound "… don’t … don’t go … okay … I’m afraid of being alone … it’s too … too …!"
This sentence made the loving Puya instantly break through the defense. She looked back at the bed and said that he was lonely and helped …
Puya slowly put on her coat and dragged a chair to sit beside Gu Yan. She looked at him quietly and said with maternal love, "You go to sleep until you fall asleep …"
Gu Yan curled up like a baby, lying on the bed with his cheek half buried in the pillow, slowly raised his arm and naturally grasped Puya’s small hand and answered with a trembling voice, "Thank you … Puya."
"I like to sleep when I’m in a bad mood … it’s another sunny day when I wake up." Puya Rou replied, "Everything will pass if it doesn’t go well."
"I like sleeping, too …" Gu Yan almost said it in an unguarded moment.
"Go to sleep"
"Can I trust you for a while?" Gu Yan gentleman to take the initiative to ask
Puya saw that his face was drunk and he slowly got up and sat on the bed. He put his hands on his head and replied, "Don’t drink so much and go to sleep after …"
Gu Yan put her head on Puya’s leg, and her right hand held each other’s small hand with her eyes closed. She asked, "Xiaoya … Do you think … if I am not the governor … will we be together before?"
A word made the original expression dull, and Puya’s face suddenly changed slightly. She relied on the bedside to ask, "Have you ever liked me?"
"I like you very much …" Gu Yan murmured and replied, "Hehe, but I … have no choice."
Puya heard that she was struck by lightning and was silent for a while. She slowly nodded "Hmm".
Gu Yan holds Puya’s small hand and the body is about to lean forward again, but the meaning is leaked out by the misplaced body.
Puya is indulging in the old love, but she looks up and sees Gu Yan’s body … The violent uplift hill …
Uplift … A lot!
Puya was shocked and looked down at Gu Yan, only to see that the latter was arching his head and moving into his arms.
Isn’t riding a horse drunk? Aren’t you indulging in sadness?
After a short pause, Puya not only didn’t get angry and let go, but hugged Gu Yan more tightly and said in a trembling voice, "People in this generation are doomed to miss a lot of things … you … you like Xiaoyan … I may get married after I go back this time."
Quiet, short and quiet, Gu Yan looked up, his eyes were clear and drunk, and his voice asked greatly, "Who are you going to marry when you step on a horse?" !”
Puya looked at him sarcastically. "Are you sober?"
Gu Yan alpha males
It’s the details that the master has done! ! !

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