At the same time, another felon beside Brother Pubiao took a small working cone directly from his waistband and plunged it into the rib of Baiyan.

The cone broke through the white rock abdomen and instantly blew blood.
Three seconds later, the playground alarm sounded, and the soldiers in Gaotai immediately raised their guns and shouted, "Those two people next to the toilet squat for me or I will shoot."
At the same time, the police lights flashed wildly, and a dozen guards rushed over with guns and batons.
Two felons with a suspended death sentence didn’t stop until they stabbed Bai Yan.
Police officers rushed over and kicked the felon. "Are you fucking crazy and don’t want to live? !”
"Ha ha, that’s all right, I admit it." The felon grinned and squatted down immediately.
Qin Yu looked at the old bald head coldly and said nothing.
The door keeper walked in with a middle-aged panic and turned to look at Qin Yucai’s old ear and said, "Xiaoyan was stabbed by two felons in prison … and was seriously injured and sent to the prison hospital."
Old white was instantly stuck when he heard this.
Qin Yu looked at his expression and slowly took out a cigarette case.
"Little B cub" Lao Bai JiYan rubbed together and scolded "You want to play like this, don’t you? !”
Qin Yu slowly got up with a cigarette in his hand and lit his old white chest. "I just want to play like this. What can you do?"
"I fuck you!" Middle-aged grabbed the vase and ran for Qin Yu’s head.
Qin Yu kicked the other side with one hand and grabbed the old white collar eyes as fierce as when people in the planning area tried their best. "Fuck you! You listen to me, I’m determined to be a mistress. Don’t you even have the qualification to watch the fun? "
Laobai was stuck.
"You are older than me, but I can be your ancestor when I play dirty. Do you believe it? Do you believe that I can stab Bai Yan seven times when he goes to the prison hospital? " Qin Yu glared at his eyes and roared, "Keep gangsters or keep your son Baiyan. Choose one and fuck your mother now!"
Chapter 592 Forced to compromise
Qin Yu, at the entrance of Baijia clause, saw an old cat car, reached for a paper towel and wiped his neck sweat and said, "Let’s go!" "
"Did the talk collapse?" Old cat see Qin Yu so nervous immediately asked 1.
"No" Qin Yu long out a sigh "chew"

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