Although the two faces are unusually similar, there is no doubt that Jiang Xiaoyi is different in shape and appearance, and Jiang Xiaoyi’s A-level array can isolate all peeping at Sakura, but he didn’t see his physical changes. Secondly, the eagle eye is not the ghost wheel of Jijia after all, but he can’t see through the picture created by illusion, while black Jiang Xiaoyi goes out to cover up with illusion except when fighting with two people, and he fails to detect the trace of the teenager.

Of course, the most important thing is that Jiang Xiaoyi and the two men were blasted into Sakura and saw Jiang Xiaoyi come out of the A-level defense circle once. He also carefully recognized that it was by no means an illusion. It is impossible for this world to lead the time in a few minutes, and it is so clever that there is no performer. In this illusion, it will not last long. That person can never be Jiang Xiaoyi!
At this time, it is impossible to know that Jiang Xiaoyi’s magic pot can perfectly simulate the human face and master the illusion mirror.
Look at the eyes deeply, the young man who looks a bit like Jiang Xiaoyi blasted into Sakura and turned to smile and looked at Yunmu Night sitting opposite him.
"Storm king pavilion what have you considered? You know that there is not much left at this time! "
Yunmu’s face is ugly now. The fact is that his face has been like this since the scene in the opposite water mirror yesterday.
Xi Bai was temporarily repulsed by Jiang Xiaoyi, but he was not so depressed. Although Jiang Xiaoyi’s strength was really surprising, he finally believed that the purple boy would eventually die in Xi’s hands. But he never expected that a spoiler would be created in the horizontal thorn, and it was still stronger than Xi Bai and Fang Xiong combined, which made him completely lose the bet.
Now he almost wants to ruin the previous agreement at the risk of being punished by the oath of the soul, but the problem is that it is impossible for him to go back on his word now. More than a dozen then-level players have withdrawn from the black prison market overnight after their gambling game was established, leaving a blasted cherry here, but what’s the matter? Killing each other will lead to massive retaliation from Tianjuemen.
Those two students are a good bargaining chip, but just now he has received a warning that more than 40 people belonging to Tianquemen’s then-elixir realm are gathering outside the absolute prison market, and there are even experts in the real world. He bet that before he can break the S-class defense circle laid by the young man, these people will be rushed to the situation. The purple boy is also a person with teleport ability, and he is also not fully sure to keep each other.
Now the desk in front of him is a contract.
The one hundred and ninety-third emotional
The contract was taken out by Blasted Sakura in the early hours of this morning. When they witnessed Xi Bai’s mess in the water mirror and fled from the young leader of the team A of the Tianquemen, they seemed to know that he would never be willing to go to Tianquemen to plead guilty with him and lead a prisoner for 400 years. As far as ink is concerned, Blasted Sakura actually prepared it a few hours ago.
This contract is made by several spiritual masters, and it is also very binding on the souls of the three lich families. It is equivalent to a soul oath and more reliable to sign your name in person.
Of course, these are secondary. What matters is this contract.
The first thing in it is to spit out all the benefits of Xi Bai to him and explain the origin of Xi Bai. Although there are many benefits, they are really crazy enough, but if you can’t enjoy it, it’s not about the origin of Xi Bai. It’s nothing if you don’t say more.
This time, he promised Xibai that he had done everything. Although he failed to annihilate Tianque’s masters, he also held them and could not help them. It was already achieved, and Xibai’s ultimate goal was just the purple boy. Xibai and the forces behind him could not blame him even if they wanted revenge, because he had done his best.
And the second one in it is that Tianquemen has worked for 400 years, which is nothing. As far as he knows, there are many demon vassal forces working for Tianquemen in the Great Chu State, and this situation is also in other parts of China except for the demon camp, which is far west. It is nothing to be late. With Tianquemen’s secret support, he will be more stable in the black prison market.
The third is to obey the slogan that Tianquemen is located in Dongchuan Province during these 400 years. When Tianquemen is in a state of war, they should send some people to support it, and Tianquemen will also give corresponding material rewards and rewards according to his help and achievements.
If you agree to the second article, this article is naturally righteous and can be skipped.
The most difficult thing is to help Tianquemen maintain the order of the black prison market.
What is the order in Tianquemen’s mind? Of course, it is not allowed for the demon race forces as powerful as the deep and remote cloud valley to appear in the third place market. They also don’t want to see that the A-level demon race in the third place can reach the taxiing stage, but their psychological bottom line is too much.
However, Tianquemen’s interest agent in the black prison market is naturally responsible for the balance of the nine major forces in the black prison market, so as not to make one party dominant, and in addition, to help Tianquemen control the number of taxiing monsters in the black prison market.
Yunmu knows in his heart that it is impossible to get rid of Tianquemen after signing this contract. It is enough for Tianquemen to throw this contract out. Article 4 is enough to make it never have a foothold in the demon family.
The effectiveness of human sects is nothing to most demon families. Although it is difficult for some demon families to gnash their teeth and hate it, it will not cause any substantial damage to him. But if he helps Tianquemen to secretly clean up his kin, the situation will be different. Yunmu will be the enemy of the demon family. How can Tianquemen simply let him go?
But if you don’t promise, you can’t do it. Four hundred years later, the most loyal hands are also disloyal. He is jealous of the wealth he has accumulated in the human world for hundreds of years. The demon family can be said to be everywhere. Most of his bad relations with other great kings are due to this. Then the former storm king will be nothing, even if he has the demon general’s level of combat power and wants to reorganize his power, I don’t know how long it will take. Without the support of his hands, he can’t occupy a seat in the core area of the black market, where the force is three times stronger than other places.
And to avoid this 400-year imprisonment, he must show his value to Tianquemen, and this contract is the embodiment of his value.
It can be said that this human male who is less than twenty years old has really caught his weakness.
At this moment, Yunmu regretted his recklessness yesterday, and hated the man who single-handedly killed Fang Xiong and drove Xi Bai to escape from the black boy in a mess!
After all, he is a decisive person. Yunmu wrote his name in that contract. He who wants to achieve great things must learn to endure this world and never insist on it for thousands of years. Yunmu doesn’t believe that his intelligence can’t get rid of the control of Tianquemen! For those who are about to be included in the death list one by one in this issue, Yunmu Yegen doesn’t care about which new demon king has never touched his own blood from ancient and modern times? It’s just how much. Can you eat it because of your hatred for human beings? It’s not too late to retaliate if you can get out of control later.
At the moment when the signature was completed, the contract suddenly burned, and then the fly ash and gray light disappeared on the desk. This is a sign that the contract is officially effective. If the signer defaults, it will naturally arouse the mysterious robbery.
"Ha ha! Storm King Pavilion is really frank, so from now on, we are one of our own. "Blasted into Sakura Finger Festival, we tapped on the table and smiled." However, the pavilion has previously made a soul oath, and later we need to take a trip to Tianquemen with me. Don’t worry, I will never find it difficult for Tianquemen Presbyterian Church to sign this contract. Maybe there will be another gift, even if the master named Xibaishi gives you those things, it is not unrequitable. "
"Ha ha this is a natural thing! Even if you don’t want to be late, you have to go and hear that you are the right arm of the nine generations of palm education. Then I’m afraid you will have to trouble you to help me talk in front of palm education. Even the Presbyterian church will ask you to help me change my mind. I will have a good report tomorrow. "I bowed slightly and bowed down and smiled humbly.
After signing the contract, Yunmu’s attitude changed greatly, and his words were very affectionate. He already regarded himself as a master of Tianjue. He looked at the water mirror in front and asked with a smile, "Those two children are now seriously injured and walked out of the black prison market alone. I’m afraid there are some difficulties. Do you want me to let those A-level monsters leave them alone?"
"no!" Blasted into sakura shook his head and turned to look at the water mirror that perspective S-class defense array corners of the mouth slightly raised and said, "Ha ha! This walking test is far from over! Whether they are injured or not, they both have to go out on their own. Otherwise, it is unqualified to throw the most talented brother into the tide and let him experience ups and downs. This is the rule of Tianjuemen, that is, the real person can’t be changed. If not, how can we get the first-class talent who can truly be independent? "
Yunmu’s late acquaintance Sakura did not hesitate to refuse, and suddenly she admired her heart. Tianquemen has always been famous for its talented people, but it seems that it is not because of it.
It’s that he promised in his mouth, but he has already made a decision in his heart. It’s the secret help that will kill him later. Now that he has taken refuge in Tianquemen, he thinks about his future, so this genius with great control ability can’t have an accident in his own territory.
Didn’t know that he was completely out of danger. Jiang Xiaoyi and Su Bingcheng were still injured in the temporary camp on that hill.
Before Jiang Xiaoyi left, he brought a tent with only one person because of his mother’s exhortation. Before that, he also denied that he would get it. Although the demon pot and the demon tripod can convert the demon family into something that knows its specific structure, it would be too uneconomical if the B-class monster beast is converted into cloth. He can’t conjure cloth by magic. Now he has to put the ice city in the tent and stay outside by himself.
Third, if the wind and rain don’t come, it’s not weaker than the level Tao. The strong breeze blows the raindrops with strong corrosiveness and the metal pills played by muskets. If it’s normal, it’s okay. At this time, Jiang Xiao is struggling to resist the meridians.
The force field defense array can block the wind and rain, but the consumption capacity of the S-class array is huge, which is bound to be unable to last for a long time. However, there is a saying-class array not far away, and it is a luxury to set up an S-class array in this S-class array and put it in other places.
It’s not that Jiang Xiaoyi hasn’t tried all kinds of trees to make a temporary wooden house, but the things that are spawned by this kind of power often wither and disappear in less than half an hour, and the roots are too big.
In the end, it’s plain ice city. Whenever it rains, Jiang Xiaoyi will be called in. A man and a woman are crowded in a tent with only one person. The atmosphere is ambiguous and embarrassing.
In the past few days, because of the past experience, Su Bing City has a deep psychological defense against Jiang Xiaoyi. However, when Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t do anything too derailed for several days, his behavior was not related to Jun, but he was honest. Even when he changed his clothes and wound bandages, he looked at her eyes, although he was full of appreciation, but he didn’t bring lewdness. Su Bing City gradually regarded the incident that appeared a few days ago as a shame and indignation in her heart. Jiang Xiaoyi couldn’t control the accident in her sleep and put her heart on the alert. After all, she just woke up and didn’t know what had been born
But now the girl is something else that worries her. In recent days, whether it’s changing clothes, eating or even convenience, she has to rely on Jiang Xiaoyi to take care of her. At the same time, she feels very embarrassed in her heart, and now she is no longer indifferent to Jiang Xiaoyi. Occasionally, when she makes eye contact with each other, she will blush with shame, and there will be a strange feeling in her heart that makes her feel soft and sweet.
She still thinks that she is a little more beautiful than a woman, and she hates it again. However, the boy is actually very handsome and somewhat masculine, and the thin figure of the teenager also makes her feel reliable and trustworthy.
The ice city has changed, but Jiang Xiaoyi feels that he is paying attention to this other personality thing at this time.
The second personality has been confirmed by the words of Ying Shunchen and Fairy in the devil-smelting pot. In addition, he got another noteworthy message, that is, his appearance has changed greatly after the awakening of the second personality.
However, Wei Mengqi’s memory has been modified, and he knows nothing but the second personality awakening after 13 years.
What is the reason? Is it the sequela of Pangu blood? Will there be genetic changes when the second personality awakens? Ginger smile in accordance with the heart so guess, but not sure there is this second personality power should be better than he is now.
According to Jiang Xiaoyi’s previous expectation, the white and burly man will strike again in a few days, but until it is already nine days later, there is still no movement at all.
According to Ying Shunchen, the direction taken by his second personality that day was just dozens of miles away. Jiang Xiaoyi speculated that Xi Bai and others were most likely to be in their eyes.
Although I don’t know what the final result is, it is naturally in him that I can make these two people disappear today.
The one hundred and ninety-fourth seven-color step cloud and gas control
In the past few days, Jiang Xiaoyi has been thinking about how to perfectly combine the shadowy snake-step saber with the teleportation ability every day except at 2 pm. However, due to limited knowledge and limited time, he has been unable to start. Now his shadowy snake-step saber and his own seven-color cloud-step saber are nearing completion, and they have also been tested in actual combat in the black prison market for more than ten days, such as the perfect combination of the three to form his unique body fighting style.
Seven-color walking cloud knife is born out of Pangu Taixuan knife worn by Chiyou. It combines seven-color knife determination and some exquisite techniques of Pangu Taixuan knife. The knife heart left by predecessors for tens of thousands of years is made by Jiang Xiaoyi after three years of research and improvement. The knife fighting technique is also completely suitable for human beings and is almost tailor-made by himself.
Just like the seven-color knife, the seven-color walking knife is also divided into seven colors: indigo, green, yellow, orange, red and purple, and seven realms. According to Jiang Xiao, the knife strength will reach yellow after the solid Dan period. At that time, due to the extreme compression of the body qi, the body will naturally produce a repulsive force corresponding to gravity, which can be pedaled. Of course, it is naturally impossible to tread after the orange realm of the seven-color walking knife, but it is better than the flying degree of the then realm. After combining with the shadowy snake step.
In addition, due to the true qi compression, when running the seven-color walking cloud knife, the body will also exclude a lot of miscellaneous gas to form a kind of cloud-like thing around the feet and body, which looks like walking on clouds from a distance, so Jiang Xiaoyi will definitely choose the seven-color walking cloud knife.
At present, Jiang Xiaoyi, the seven-color walking-cloud knife, has also performed the first four-color walking-cloud knife, but the last three realms are just too far. Even after reading all the books of Law School, Jiang Xiaoyi can’t figure it out. It’s just some ideas that still remain on paper. However, according to Chi You, Jiang Xiaoyi is indeed a gift. After his changes and improvements, the seven-color walking-cloud knife is not as powerful as the seven-color knife in the early stage, but it is completely suitable for the human meridian structure and body skeleton. Even ordinary human practitioners can practice this kind of knife. Even if it’s better than his original Pangu Taixuan Dao, it’s not too much to let go, and the subtlety of the fighting skill is never in Pangu Taixuan Dao.
In Chiyou’s words, Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t really believe that Pingshan moved to the ground to break the river and divide the sea. This statement is not too exaggerated, even if the palm teaches the real person to be in a real state now, it will take a moment and a half to level a mountain, although it is not impossible.
However, he and his masters Rui Ye and Lin Tongzhen spoke highly of this kind of self-made knife method. When the novel net knife was first formed, Jiang Xiaoyi was in the library of Taoist Law School. At that time, he spent three days and three nights thinking hard and suddenly surprised himself to dance with the knife. At that time, the reading area on the tenth floor of the whole library was full of knives.
Everyone in Sany Dormitory has tried to recruit one by one, but one is not in the situation of immobile ability. In the end, it shocked Lin Tongzhen and Rui Ye, who often pay attention to the situation of the library, and their evaluation after the trial recruitment was that Tianquemen finally had a set of fighting skills that were never in Tianquemen and made up Tianquemen in this respect.
In the past hundred years, Tianque’s younger brothers have created tens of thousands of fighting methods and cultivation minds, but it is rare to get this kind of evaluation. Shaolin is really the most promising expert among dozens of real-life experts in Tianque. Rui Ye is the creator of the age record of the real-life environment after Luo Yi in the sect, and he realized the great kindness Lei Yin Sword in the early childhood. These two people’s evaluations naturally have a very high gold content.
After the first World War, Jiang Xiaoyi, who passed through the museum, also descended to a perfect state. Although its order effect is still inevitable in group fighting, it will fall between intermediate Pentium and advanced Pentium, but its effect ability is comparable to those of top Pentium when fighting alone! At present, they haven’t gone to then to practice this intermediate Pentium technique, which is enough. According to his teacher Rui Ye, the value of this Pentium technique is definitely still in the seven-color step cloud knife, which is not the same as the ten wonders of Tianque.
There was a time when Rui Ye and Lin Tongzhen constantly encouraged Jiang Xiaoyi to give these two sets of techniques to Tianquemen to promote to other Tianquemen’s younger brothers, but Jiang Xiaoyi flatly refused them for reasons that were not perfect. Jiang Xiaoyi was by no means an archduke, and the body art and practice techniques were incomplete. The Jiang family really needed some closet things. Before Tianquemen gained a firm foothold, Jiang Xiaoyi copied three copies of the two techniques developed by him and the seven-color running shadow technique. I demonstrated in front of them that the expressions of the three people at that time were wonderful, extremely surprising and surprised. Fortunately, these three emotions were mixed together, which made the three people stare at Jiang Xiao for a long time. They knew that Jiang Xiao was extremely talented, but they didn’t expect that the best one of the second generation brothers in this family had reached the point where he could create his own martial arts so early, and these three sets of techniques were by no means in heaven. If they were not limited by repair, they would have been able to establish a Sect.

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