Brown clothes have been smeared with pieces of white cream, but I almost squinted and rushed into the bathroom.

Early the next morning, Dong Rui went into several bedrooms one by one for the first time, and the bed was still sleeping, and everyone knocked up one by one.
"Why is it the first time that I was called to get up by Dong Ge?" Huang Zemin squinted. Last night, he was covered with cream cake and drank a lot of wine. Although it’s not too early now, he still didn’t have much spirit.
"Get up and watch the video. If there is a training match this afternoon, watch the video at noon." It is said that Dong Ruilai told people to get up, but it is already nine o’clock in the afternoon. He naturally knows that players usually play RANK until very late, but at nine o’clock, even if they go to bed at one or two in the morning, they have enough sleep.
The video of the game is all the LPL games this week. Although it is watched, it is very important.
Of course, when we reduced the number of people, we didn’t bring a few games with no bright spots. After all, Dong Rui didn’t want people to regard watching videos as pure, which should be a means to help their team improve their strength.
This week, there were 12 games, LPL, and a total of 12 teams were unveiled. In addition to the first two GG and GI, Dong Rui carefully selected five game materials.
"Perfect World and LGK have been shown to everyone, so I won’t watch them anymore. The first game today is the EG and GV team competition."
Dong Rui didn’t say much about putting his brain in order and opening the video soon. The video is a pure game video without explanation. After all, sitting here is either a king player or a senior coach who definitely has the most correct understanding of the game. The official enlightenment explanation will not only help them, but also affect their own thinking.
"EG this array!"
The video began to play as time went by. When the two sides’ arrays were determined, the EG array surprised everyone. To be continued …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-one The strongest weapon is understanding
The first choice array of EG team against GV is not only the three conventional heroes, namely, the ADC is a skateboard shoe and the assistant Bronte Noonu.
Two positions were chosen, Akali and Dancrow, who had hardly played in the stadium.
"EG, this array is a bit fierce. It’s too abnormal to suck blood later."
"I dare to choose Akali and Crow. Who wanted to come out? It is estimated that it is their Appi coach. "
Shan Akali, the hero, had not dissolved the double-star team in S4 World Finals at that time. Shan LOP, the white team, once faced the brother team, and also played the brother team in that game until it collapsed.
But to be fair, the hero is still too unstable.
She has almost no defensive ability in team battles. Her W-skill smoke bomb can slow down a weak group in this kind of competition, but it is only invisible. Please see it.
Now, although this output form will have a chance, the output form such as Jian Ji Ruiwen either has the characteristics of W-mind knife, which controls the epidemic, rebounds and dizziness, and is equally strong in saving life after the second half of the meat, or Raven, a set of heroes who kill the crispy skin and explode.
A hero like Akali, who suffers from continuous blood sucking and has no life-saving skills, should be chosen by a sophisticated team like EG.
In another single crow, it is even rarer. This hero is not only invisible in the competition, but also appears in the ranking from bronze to king, which is much rarer than other mainstream heroes.
Night maple and Huang Ze Ming looked at each other and saw surprise from each other’s eyes.
At the same time, they know that EG, a sophisticated team, has chosen this kind of competition in recent days. The biggest possibility is that the innovative play of foreign teams in the finals last year gave their coach a great stimulus.
The competition has gradually opened up over time. EG is full of world-class players, and their personal strength is absolutely top.
Because of the poor ability to get the hero in the early stage, it is obscene and thorough
As time went on, Akali and Crow slowly developed and grew up, and they began to show themselves when they were equipped.
The game lasted for a long time, because GV chose such a set of arrays because its strength was worse than its own, and it turned out that GV’s strength did not seize the weakness of EG arrays in the early stage and beat them down.
The whole game was 45 minutes in total. There is no doubt that this is a standard bladder bureau competition. In the end, the EG team won.
After all, the overall strength of GV team is lower than that of EG. If EG had not chosen this array, the game would have been played long ago.
However, the battlefields of the two regiments left a deep impression on everyone.
EG: This game is not only an array of development and innovation, but also a great idea. Both Akali and Zhongdan Crow have produced an ice stick group. The deceleration effect of double ice sticks in wartime plus the crows’ skill Q, the continuous deceleration brought by the attack of the ravens, and the cooperation with them, they specially selected the whole core position of Nu Nu EG. In the team battle, the blood volume will be more and more if it is not killed by a wave.
Moreover, many ice battles and skill deceleration also make the faces of GV team players all livid in every shot that passes by.
It can be said that this game GV was completely crushed to death.
"The game won by EG didn’t crush it, but it obviously revealed a message that the EG team was beginning to innovate, and the tactics of the innovative array were very fake." When a game was played, Dong Rui paused and continued, "There are also many innovative arrays and playing fields in the next game. This year, LPL has begun to explore actively instead of relying on technology to carry the team forward."
Dong Rui said that his voice was not loud but his tone was dignified.
Night maple several people looked at each other and deeply knew his pressure.
League of Legends is a game in the past, which team has more advantages in understanding!
In S4 season, when South Korea’s blue and white stars were still there, the blue team crushed the white team for a whole season by understanding its unique advantages in the regular season and playoffs.
There are many new tactics and heroes in the next game.
"hmm? Kindred hits the wild? "
In the competition between MG and SNKE, SNKE played a double game in LPL for the first time-Kindred came to play wild!
Kindred, the hero Ye Feng, also came to practice two innings after he came out, and the matching effect was very good. This hero was a hero with high playability from displacement deceleration to big epidemic death.
Of course, his weakness is also very obvious. This hero can’t pretend to be a meat without group control. Although he can kill himself, it is not only his teammates’ gains, but even the enemy will not be killed.
Ye Feng played a game of ADC after the first match, but he thought it was a little easier for the hero to play ADC than to play wild. After all, playing ADC is far less complicated than playing wild, and the weakness of meat is gone without group control.
If the hero’s only weakness in playing ADC is his short hand.
But in fact, this Kindred once opened the W skill wolf spirit fanaticism circle after the equipment grew up in the later stage, so even if his hands are short and his Q skills are not big, the ultra-high cooling will give him great flexibility and make him play a lot of output when he is killed frequently.
Of course, this SNKE fight is Kindred’s fight.
Everyone in the GG team watched this game very carefully. This is a standard pioneer teaching.
It is possible to play Kindred, such as playing wild and stronger than ADC Mountain, and learning to watch Kindred play. It is unlikely that this hero is also observing this heroic weakness.
Compared with an EG-GV game, the whole game lasted 37 minutes, which was much better. Not only did Kindred, a new hero, appear for the first time, but the number of fights between the two sides was far more than one.
"NICE, this big move has opened up the enemy’s residual blood, at least three thousand points of output."
"The big move lasted for a long time. Later, Kindred’s equipment was reliable after it was formed. This big move made a lot of output when it was dying. This hero is strong and you have to practice mom. It’s a little abnormal."
With the last wave of team battles, GG team in the conference room and all the people chatted with each other.
"You need to practice heroes more than Kindred. Others need to practice heroes as well. I’m already doing it. I’ll send you the list later. Let’s go to dinner first and go to the US and FN competition in the afternoon." Dong Rui couldn’t help but laugh at the GG team’s reaction after watching the video.
At the very least, the purpose of watching the video has reached the most unfinished …
Chapter two hundred and seventy-two First try array
Show the players the weekly video of other teams and it is a must-see every week!
This is what Dong Rui will do when he is in LSPL.
He doesn’t know if other team coaches will do this, but in Dong Rui’s coaching philosophy, this is a very important link to improve the team’s strength!
Although blindly training RANK can improve players’ personal strength, make them more skilled and make new heroes, if you don’t watch the video of other strong teams, you can predict your opponent’s level.
Watching other teams’ videos may not bring skill upgrade and proficiency to the players.
However, it is of great help to the team, such as learning new styles of strong teams faster and others, and developing new heroes.
Occasionally, the weak team will beat the strong team, which will make every member of GG team keep a kind of vigilance and caution about the so-called’ weak team’!

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