Soon after the teachers finished talking about the precautions, Roswell Arthur also came to the stage.

"Well, there is a 100-yuan store in the commercial center of Kyoto. If there is any shortage of things, you can make do with it there. It’s not good to spend money recklessly when you are a student, but you will not grow up, my Lord. Money is circulating in the world. You should also buy that, but you will soon have no money. The 100-yuan store is a daily treasure."
After being given to Ye Yu by the old man Odin, Luo Siwei Arthur also became a teacher in Foal King Academy. Although he changed to a waiter, Luo Siwei Arthur’s careful personality still seems to have not changed.
However, because of their appearance, two new female teachers, Valkyria Rose and Gabriel, are very popular among the students in the Komako Academy, and they tend to surpass the two elder sisters, Leah and Zhu Nai.
Despite all this talk, it seems a bit nagging, but the students are not impatient at all. Some girls also take the initiative to ask Rose to go shopping together.
"Please pay attention to what time it is, so it’s free time to put your luggage in the back of the room until five o’clock in the afternoon, but please don’t go too far, as long as the range of activities is near Kyoto bus, please return to the room before five thirty."
The last teacher in front said the last words and finally dissolved.
And Ye Yu and others are also ready to go.
Since we chose to visit the temple shrine, it was up to Genova to continue to make suggestions. The first goal was to choose Fu Jianhe, who is said to be in the fox shrine.
"Lotus" is a place away from Kyoto, from which you can enter the road leading to Fujian Lotus. After bumping in the car with three girls for a few minutes, you arrive in Lotus.
At the back of the car, the sign "Welcome to visit the Daohe Society" is hung, and the columns and beams are very beautiful. Like the shrine and torii, they are orange, and when they come out, they are shops and streets with various exquisite specialties.
"Hey, look, there are many rare things in Irina Store in Elsa."
"Wow, all lovely foxes."
"I don’t know if I can spend enough money to buy some small specialties here?"
Just arrived at the church, the trio began to enjoy Kyoto early, and Elsa looked no different from ordinary female students.
Shopping is indeed a female nature, and three women are surrounded by cute fox dolls, who want to buy but hesitate.
"Well, we’ll buy it after we come from the shrine, and then we’ll bring it to Lilias and them."
Patted Elsa little head Ye Yu continued.
"There seems to be a lot of breath watching here. It seems to us that even with Leah’s certificate, we are still not at ease. The monsters and Yin and Yang teachers here are really alert to the devil."
"After all, it is only natural that someone else’s territory will be a little wary. It is good not to conflict with them."
Genova said that Elsa and Irina both nodded their heads, and a line of people walked along the ladder to cross the front archway. A gate appeared, with statues of lions and foxes on both sides.
"It’s a statue to ward off evil spirits. There’s a smell that doesn’t allow us demons to get close, thanks to the previous pass."
Genova said while looking at the stone lion fox.
"torii is a world here. If you don’t have a pass, you will disturb those big shots. Speaking of Kyoto Daohe Shrine, there are thousands of birds living in the corridor, so many circles protect it. It should be a big camp of Kyoto leaders."
"Well, yes, there lives a nine-tailed fox, the general of Kyoto monster-Jiuchong Azazeru also told me that I will visit one on behalf of the three-clan alliance later."
Ye Yu said that some unhappy touched his nose. Azazeru, that guy, went to have fun by himself, and gave this trouble to himself.
The scenery of Fu Jian He Shan is really fascinating. Elsa taught the trio to laugh and talk while watching and taking pictures.
Ye Yu naturally won’t yell like a child. After a while with three girls, he just walked straight to the top of the mountain.
According to the Azazeru dialect, it is necessary to pay a visit to the first one to express courtesy, and it seems that not only his three families have the meaning of Yuzryha’s royal family.
This is naturally a good thing for Ye Yu, and it is finally getting closer and closer to his expected goal.
Standing there after reaching the top of the mountain is an ancient shrine.
Deep red, white and gold decoration, delicate and clean in light fog, there are many fox statues around the shrine.
Surrounded by trees, the sun can barely shine, and the whole shrine environment looks dark.
"Is this the fox fairy’s residence? It looks really clean and elegant."
Walking slowly to the shrine, I was about to push the door and push it into the Woods behind me. There was a sound of "learning about cable"
"Woo ~ Aren’t you from Kyoto?"
Crisp and beautiful sounds came from the forest, and with Ye Yu’s perception, there were about dozens of figures with special breath coming from around the forest.
"Well … it seems to be surrounded."
Some nai smiled and touched her nose Ye Yu looked at the petite girl who was protected by monsters in the most middle school.
This is a little girl dressed in witch dress and looking very cute with pointed ears. Obviously, she is surrounded by many monsters in this shrine. The girl is definitely not a human girl. The restless tail behind her reveals her identity.
Chapter 33 Little Fox Fairy
"Fox Niang?"
Blonde hair is shining, eyes are golden, and it’s almost a primary school. It’s younger, furry, pointed ears, cute tail and restless shaking. Why did Yuzryha think of the name Fox Niang?
And this with some doubt tone say words is immediately is the little girl angered the beast ear girl stare Ye Yu gnashing general shouted.
"I am a fox spirit! You foreigner! How dare you! !”
Accompanied by the girl’s cry, a large number of people came out of the forest with black wings and heads like hermits in the bird mountain, and a large number of ordinary guys with fox masks appeared!
"Ah, ah, what’s the situation of attacking without saying a word? Aren’t you Fox Niang?" Ye Yu said some koo shrugged.
After the girl ignored Ye Yu’s words, she stretched out her fingers like onions and pointed to this charming drink.
"Give my mother back!"
Instantaneous crow dog and fox god officer at the same time towards Ye Yu.
"Mother? What do you mean, do we have some misunderstanding? I just got here today. Who is your mother? "
But the fox spirit seems to have finished believing that Ye Yu’s intention continues to be angry.
"Little cheating! My eyes will not be deceived! "
"What trouble?" Ye Yu some nai shrugged his shoulders, and he didn’t do anything there, but an instant creepy breath spread.
There, the head held high and the little fox face appeared for a moment, and then it was frightened and quickly recovered.
At that moment, it was as if the soul was stung, which made the girl feel indecisive and uncertain. Soon, everything in front of her eyes made her scream involuntarily.
"You … what are you doing? Get him quickly!"
"It’s no use trying. Although they can hear you, it’s a little difficult to respond."
Ye Yu, such an old god, was talking, and then walked step by step towards the lovely girl with a strange smile.
"How … how did this happen? You … you hurry up and arrest him! "
Fox fairy tried to call her companion, but as Ye Yu said, they turned into a cold statue and could not respond to the girl’s call.
"So now … can you explain your mother to me?"
When the girl stepped backwards with a face of fear, Ye Yu came to her side with a flash of figure. It was easy to make a girl.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me go. Damn evil, it’s true that you took my mother. Do you still want to arrest me now?"
Ye Yu of Daohe Shrine directly grabbed the little fox and walked into the shrine.
It seems that the shrine has just surrounded and ambushed others outside, and there is no other atmosphere in it.
"Can you please be quiet first, Fox?"

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