It’s not short-lived to see his face rich and natural.

Suddenly she took out a jade bottle from her sleeve. "Feng Li Su, do you dare to give it a try? The medicine in this bottle can detoxify, which was given by the former mysterious dance doctor. Although I don’t know the ingredients contained in your soul-killing powder, I don’t think it will be mutual! "
Now you can be a dead horse as a living horse doctor!
Feng Lisu nodded, "Give me a try, no matter what, it’s better than lying here waiting to die!"
Acacia poured him a pill and hid the rest of the medicine in his sleeve.
"Green Mu Gong may not let me stay with you all the time. Take care of yourself. These medicines may be around you!"
Feng Li Su didn’t refuse him to hold Chang Acacia’s hand vigorously.
"Acacia … this generation may have come to an end. Would it be nice if someone gave me a chance?"
He is a hurdle, and he may not be able to get over it!
"If you can live, live well in this generation … people may really have generations, but they may not meet!"
She smiled slightly, but naturally she wouldn’t believe that people would have generations, but what can be questioned since she went through such a bizarre thing?
She doesn’t belong to this age, this time, this body!
Feng Lisu laughed. "I believe that there will be reincarnation. I will come to you if I was born in a normal home. I will definitely wait for you!" "
I don’t know if it’s because I just swallowed medicine that Feng Li Su’s face is even worse at this time, and I often feel lovesickness.
She looked at the increasingly dark lips and blinked a few times. Is it a phase?
"Feng Lisu, do you feel anything wrong?"
"Why …"
He didn’t tell her what the former Qingmu office said. There is a drug that can’t be taken casually.
At this time, things in his chest seemed to be rolling, which made him unbearable and made him pale.
I often miss seeing him meet a poisoned person for the first time. After all, Soul Powder is highly toxic. Even if she can detoxify, this state is impossible at all!
She doesn’t know how to relieve his pain. Is this a problem before or after taking the medicine?
"Feng Li Su you this is …"
I often miss seeing his forehead sweating and his face is extremely pale and his lips are black. Some people are worried but don’t know how to help him.
I know Xuanwu can save him, but how can she find Xuanwu now that she is trapped here?
She can’t even leave the imperial house!
"Feng Li Su Huang you endure …"
She let go of his hand and ran to hold the chamber of secrets machine against the isolation cabinet and slowly moved away to one side. What she often missed was Qin Shuang Shuang Jin Se.
"Immediately to get green mu gong I want to see her! Otherwise, I don’t mind killing! "
Qin Shuang frost laughed "Huei-fang think that’s possible? Busy business will come to see him because of the emperor’s poison? Huei-fang isn’t too funny, is it? The public is bent on killing the emperor. Now is an opportunity, isn’t it? Besides, with Huei-fang’s martial arts skills, I’d like to see how you can kill yourself! "
Often acacia pushed her a handful of Qin Shuang Shuang. I didn’t expect her to push her so fiercely. She stumbled a few steps and fell to the ground directly.
"Huei-fang, don’t be so arrogant because you like you!"
"It’s just that my seventh aunt was kicked out of the house, and she dares to be presumptuous with the young lady!"
Chang Xiangsi was too lazy to take another look at Qin Shuang Shuang and looked at the masked Jinse. "Jinse, go to Qingmu Gong immediately or I can’t guarantee that nothing will happen!"
Wearing a mask, she has never seen a brocade, but the smell of this man always makes her know who he is at a glance.
Jinse knows her temper. "The two of them will keep an eye on the imperial house and no one can enter or leave!"
After ordering, Jinse didn’t leave.
While several dark unlined upper garment men walked to come over will often lovesickness besieged in the imperial room.
Qin Shuang Shuang got up and sneered, "You recognized whether I was driven away. I know I was a public official from the beginning, whether in Xiangfu or now!"
"I don’t care who you are now and know that you are just a concubine in the prime minister’s house!"
I learned that Jinse had gone to find Qing Mu Gong, and I didn’t intend to spend time here and turned into the secret room. At this time, Feng Li Su was lying on the bed, paining her, but she couldn’t help anything!
I wonder if I can help him ease his pain?
Thinking of this, Chang acacia immediately picked him up, sat behind him, condensed his palm, and slowly stuck it on his back in an attempt to relieve his pain.
The insides in his chest seemed to have moved, and it was so painful that he couldn’t even moan. Suddenly, a thin warm current slowly spread out at his heart pulse, and the waves of surging pain seemed to gradually return.
After all, the strength of lovesickness is limited, although it is much deeper than it used to be, but after all, the strength is accumulated over time. It was not long before she felt a little tired.
But it also feels that Feng Li Su seems to have calmed down a lot. Just now, his shoulders trembled with pain, but now it is a little quiet.
After half a column of incense, she fell down to look at Feng Li Su, and slowly fell down. He seemed to be asleep and quiet, and his face seemed a little better than before.
It seems that there are still some places.
It turns out that her strength is so good that she needs to practice more in the future.
Support yourself to get up for a long time. I haven’t seen Qing Mu Gong for a long time. I often miss Feng Lisu and cover him with fine sweat. Find a handkerchief to wipe the sweat carefully for him.
Feng Li Su couldn’t help but feel relieved to see that he had passed out. At least he is asleep now and can’t feel the pain.
She was sneaking out, and I didn’t know that Feng Jiang Yi should be worried when she found out that she was gone.
I came to look for Feng Li Su together, but I didn’t expect to let myself fall into danger.

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