You Yan Qimu and Lian Zhanjian visited this Guo Jinlin name, so it is natural to bring some gifts. You Yan Qimu has already found out what this Guo Jinlin and Qu Tongsheng like, but after going out, he even asked him to change what they don’t like.

"for what they hate?"
"Your highness, what does this mean?"
"exploring the direction"
"Then tell him that we don’t know him, and we will carry him to the point where he hates something. If we can’t even volunteer, we don’t deserve to join the cabinet."
You Yan Qimu raised his eyebrows. "Bring us back and tell me that Mao Sui is a person?"
"Good, but your understanding of this idiom is really increasing."
Qu Tongsheng heard people say that he saw the Wangfu carriage on this street and immediately arrived at the door to meet him.
However, it was a visit by relatives, although the status was poor, but there was no fuss. I was greeted in Qufu with great fanfare. I didn’t see this Guo Jinlin, who was somewhat curious and took the gift from Ruyan Qimu.
"A little gift is I don’t know cousin but in the rest? How come I haven’t seen her? "
"If a dog has a sudden illness, he won’t leave his side if he doesn’t worry about the child. If he is snubbed, don’t mind."
Even with a smile, this Qu Tongsheng is alienated and respectful. Adding this spotless corridor, even a slight detail can’t be found. This ingratiation is too obvious. "How can you feel a slight? Cousin-in-law, we are relatives, so we are too arrogant. I am here to see if this cousin can be used for ice cream. If this medicine for treating burns is not good, go to Yunling Kangcheng to find jade skin dew."
"How dare you bother?" This QuTongsheng was still being polite, because he was so familiar with this Qi Mu that he didn’t say a word.
"Your majesty, please take a seat, and your cousin, too."
"We are guests, how can we occupy the nest?"
"That’s regardless of the primary and secondary." This Qu Tongsheng also achieved the deputy position out of this theme
You Yan Qi Mu looked at Lian Jia. "Why don’t you go and see your cousin? There are some things that Wang wants to talk to Qu’s adult."
"Cousin may send someone to take me to see the little nephew? I heard from my uncle that this little boy is five or six years old. I haven’t seen him once as a cousin! "
"Qinge hasn’t taken Miss Lian there yet!"
"yes, sir!"
This even went out with the maidservant. A woman’s stay will make Qu Tongsheng feel despised. You Yan Qimu can handle it herself. Now she is going to sound out Guo Jinlin’s tune.
This Guo Jinlin and Qu Tongsheng have had two children. At this time, this big son is lying in bed sick, and this child doesn’t know what happened to his brother. He is still chattering and making noise there.
"Cousin seems to be very busy. It’s really disturbing."
"ah! Moon! I’m sorry to take Master Guan Rong to another garden to play … This house is a mess. "
This hospital has also been cleaned up. It seems that I feel that I am coming back here and all the way here is clean. The sick children’s room has a faint smell of incense and there is no smell of medicine. It seems that I am also afraid that I will hide it.
Lian Jia pulled up Guo Jinlin’s hand, and there was a little red spot left. "Cousin, can you ask a doctor to see this hand scar?"
Guo Jinlin slightly lifted some sleeves. "The doctor said that you will be as good as ever in a month. Why are you still bandaged?"
"There’s nothing better. A lot of it is just a bandage to ease the pain when touching it." Lianjia gently touched the bandage to show her obstacles.
"Cousin, why is this nephew so ill? Let the report ask the physician to come."
"No, it’s just typhoid fever in children. It’s hard to be messy in this room. Let’s go to the pavilion and sit and talk." Guo Jinlin closed the door.
Guo Jinlin made people have tea and cakes. This cake is so delicate that I feel that I have rarely seen it in even the government. With a slight turn of my eyes, "This cake is really hard to eat. There is such a good chef in cousin’s house, so it will be more disturbing."
"It’s not that I’ve heard that the sovereign and cousin Jianji are coming to prepare people specially. I envy cousin Jianji, but I like it very much."
Jin-lin guo said this bluntly, but it’s a bit scheming. Even though it’s a long time ago, he followed this saying, "My cousin’s monthly salary is not much, so it’s necessary to break the report and I’m not a tricky person. Instead, it makes us feel a little guilty."
Jin-lin guo looked at LianJianSlow way "this is not hope report can carry him? Cousin Jianjia is a rectum. Although she can maintain this Qufu by relying on two shops at home in recent years, the male owner of this Qufu has not made any great achievements. Being a Chinese shed owner doesn’t know what it is to do. I can’t see what promotion it means to persuade him to run the shop with me. It’s really a bit disappointing for him to be a Chinese shed owner … "
After saying his word, he clapped his hands. "Good idea, but the report is just idle. Even the things in this house are given to him by the queen mother before she goes to the temple to worship Buddha. Don’t say that she wants to learn from her cousin, such as running a shop! This is not a good thing after all. "
"But …" Jin-lin guo swallowed a word, but it made her see a lot.
"It would be nice if my cousin had another daughter. Although there are sons and daughters who can’t be as rich as the enemy, they are still rich and happy, and they are afraid to do something. It’s better to draw water in a bamboo basket and live a good life like this. What does cousin think?"
"Educated sisters say that it is reasonable, and people may not be greedy."
"By the way, cousin, if there is a question for JianJia? I wonder if my cousin can have it. "
"Of course he will have a leisure function. What can I do for you?"
Even JianJia smiled. "There used to be many families in the abandoned Temple of Light Buddha in Datong, southeast of this city, which can be returned to beggars. Children heard that this cousin’s wife is kind and has close friends all over the world. If we can make those families return to children and become a handyman, it’s better than freezing to death in the cold after this autumn. Good people and people don’t need to carry them."
"I’m sure I’ll do well at this time, and I’m sure those children will also appreciate your cousin’s kindness."
Even Jia Jian smiled and turned white for a few minutes. Now it’s time to look at Ruyan Qimu’s side and answer, "It’s getting late, I must have finished talking about this report’s business, and I’m a little sleepy, so I excused myself first, and my cousin didn’t send me off."
LianJianJi came to the gate of the hospital suddenly stopped "cousin …"
Don’t even look back and say, "Marrying a daughter is never throwing out water. The elders and relatives of the Guo family are very kind to me. I will appreciate their kindness, but …" Even halfway through the words, the situation is not good in Qimu, but it must be warned that there are still some things that can be killed in the cradle early.
Chapter 2 Non-talent
Ruyan Qimu picked up the tea lamp Pu ‘er tea, which he was most familiar with. After all, he was also rich in Pu ‘er tea and Miao Di stayed intermittently for three or four years. This Pu ‘er aroma told him that it was probably the best of this Qutongsheng collection of tea. After all, this cup of tea was already worth one gold, but it was nothing unusual for Ruyan Qimu except sincerity and intention.
"I don’t know if your majesty has something to deal with?"
"After retiring from his old age, this ChiMiao physician and his family set up a pharmacy named Danrentang in Beijing. Every season, the first day of every month is 15 or 30, and the application of drugs is timely. However, the old ChiMiao physician has passed away recently. This Danrentang has also been locked in mourning, but it is late summer and autumn, and there are more diseases and fewer diseases. Some poor people are sick because of the changeable weather and weak constitution."
You Yan Qimu stopped and picked up a cup of tea cover, scraped the tea foam and gently took a sip of tea. He was waiting for this Qutongsheng to take the initiative, but he didn’t see this Qutongsheng until he put a cup. You Yan Qimu continued, "The king hopes that this Danrentang can get up again."
"The official is willing to come forward for the report."
"You agreed so hastily without listening to the request?" You Yan Qimu narrowed his eyes slightly, and this Qu Tongsheng bowed his head quickly.
You Yan Qimu gently picked an eyebrow once, but it’s a little different from now. It’s not so stupid and lack of spirituality. It’s an emergency. Even Jia Jian once said that a kind of ability is called insufficient adaptability or is it arranged to deal with it at once? Of course, there is also a possibility that Guo Jinlin was present that day.
You Yan Qi Mu sent someone to investigate this. When Guo Jinlin got married, the Guo family gave her a shop, but none of them were in this bustling area. This woman actually sold this shop to buy a shop in this bustling area, and now she has a second shop in another place. This woman is not simple. Will such a simple person choose a stupid person?
"It is voluntary to apply drugs to save people. Before this, I want to hear what Master Qu has to say?"
Qu Tongsheng’s eyes slightly dodged. "The officer thinks for a moment." This moment is really long. You Yan Qimu Tea has made the maid add one time.

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