She hurriedly put her finger in her mouth.

Ye Qin shook his head in a whisper.
"We have 1000 contribution points, and it’s really a wave for you to spend it all."
Ye Xiaoxiao said with a finger, "If I don’t wave it, I will be able to exert the maximum light and heat in my hand."
"It’s a pity that I broke through early. If I break through the gas boundary a few days later, I can get another 3 thousand contribution points."
"Hum, but that’s nothing. I’m Ye Xiaoxiao, and I can contribute a lot by leaps and bounds in the realm of metaplasia."
Ye Xiaoxiao talks a lot and keeps whispering.
Ye Qin ballad is relatively quiet, listening to her nagging there.
"by the way, sister"
Ye Xiaoxiao’s finger finally stopped bleeding and said, "I heard that Ye Long’s name is also very loud at the border, and many ethnic groups have gathered in him."
"Let’s just two people, or we’ll find some help, or we’ll definitely be outdone by him!"
Ye Qin ballad gave her a look and shook her head. "We are all in the family, and fighting must be better than a high one."
Hearing her say this, Ye Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and said, "You are too indifferent to fame and fortune."
"buddhist nun may be more suitable for you than Ye Jia."
"Forget it, don’t look for me."
"Well, I think we can woo Sister Huang first. Although she is poor in strength, she is also a housewife."
"Uncle is generous now, and maybe he can rub a mysterious spiritual sword on her again."
"The fourth uncle’s purple culvert sister is also good. At the age of thirteen, she was refined into ten layers, almost half as elegant as me."
"Hee hee, we can form a group of Ye Gu girls to suppress those guys in Ye Long!"
"But Ye Qian forget it. That’s a brother fetish. You can’t leave Ye Long."
Chapter Yuan Shi Gong
After a few days’ rest, the younger generation of Yejia once again set foot on the road to the border of Gaoling.
Ye Huang followed and left together.
Two days ago, Ye Suibao Jia Xiaoni Ye Xiaoxiao took the initiative to invite Ye Huang.
And in front of Ye Fengfeng, he vowed that he would definitely guarantee Ye Huangan to let him rest assured.
And said that Ye became more and more handsome with the wind.
Exhausted praise
Leaf with the wind, of course, white, this Ni didn’t want to do anything, and sent her and Ye Qin a rumor with a mysterious bracelet.
Ye Xiaoxiao almost died happily.
Then Ye took them aside with the wind and told them not to have scruples about Ye Huang’s identity and to do whatever she should do.
Only in this way can we have a better experience effect.
After several people left, Ye went back to the room with the wind and browsed the classics again.
Gu Wanxin has traded twice, and he has bought a lot of martial arts and practice experience.
I have a general understanding of the world’s practitioners.
In ancient times, mortals bathed in the sun, moon and starlight and absorbed the essence of heaven and earth into the first human beings with extraordinary power.
In those days, talent was the only thing.
Post-human ancestors gradually explored a road of self-cultivation in the process of monster beast and devil war
They imitate the monster’s way of practicing and breathe the aura of heaven and earth to strengthen themselves.
It was also at that time that the extraordinary aura officially entered the human vision.
Later, with the continuous development and road maintenance, the cultivation level was further improved, and it was very accurate and detailed.
But also that profession derive from cultivation has made great progress.
For example, alchemy, array method, character seal and so on.
It can be said that a hundred flowers are blooming like stars all over the sky.
But in this case, a very serious problem has arisen.
"There are too many kinds, too complicated and too fine, and there is no universal standard for everyone to learn things." Ye shook his head with the wind.
Everyone in the world is different, and there will be more or less differences when different people practice different techniques.
This leads everyone to find the most suitable achievement method to practice.
If you can find it, you can give full play to your best ability.
But if you can’t find it or choose the wrong achievement method because of misjudgment, it is likely that you will be mediocre all your life.
And because of the uneven distribution of resources, this situation is common

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