Niebaum has been very unstable these days. To be honest, he has done his best for the club. At this critical moment, Niebaum mortgaged his private villa and securities to the Dortmund Club. He had already spent all his money and wanted to get through this difficulty with some old loans. Unexpectedly, all banks were unwilling to lend them to him.

In this embattled situation, Niebaum also felt a little warm. After learning that the club was forcibly acquired without being informed, most of the club staff extended a helping hand to Niebaum. They all said that they would never sell their shares, and they would donate them if the club needed them.
Niebaum was very touched by the actions of these employees. It was really a timely rescue. These employees have mastered nearly 5% of the shares in total, leaving 7% in the stock market. When I think of Niebaum, I can’t help but think that those big shareholders are a group of fucking mercenary businessmen. I just think that these good feelings have been destroyed again.
After getting the support of the employees, Niebaum was full of confidence in winning. He immediately arranged for the staff to contact all the club members who owned the club’s shares by telephone and mail, asking them to get help from these members. If they want to get another 4%, they can have 5% control, which means victory.
Many fans have replied, and emails have expressed that their goal of bringing the club together by 4% is getting closer and closer to Niebaum. The mood of Dortmund fans is getting better and better. If the most loyal fans want to take back 1% to% of the shares from the stock market, they will win. Now he has begun to consider repaying the fans after the successful anti-takeover, such as implementing the reform plan to help the club return to the Bundesliga championship.
"Ding Ding Ding ~ ~" A hurried bell interrupted Niebaum’s thinking. He looked at it and it seemed that it was his stockbroker. Is there good news? Niebaum happily picked up the words.
"Oh, my dear friend, do you have any good news for me?"
"Mr. Niebaum, I have two pieces of news here, one is good and the other is bad. Which one do you want to hear first?"
"Let’s talk first."
"Now the stock market is at war, and two rival stock companies are attacking each other. They have chosen your stock for this contest, and we are lucky to have bought 1% of the shares in this battle."
"This is really good news. We will succeed soon. Haha." Niebaum smiled happily. "What’s the bad news?"
"Li Ning’s business group began to suppress your company’s stock. According to this line, it is estimated that they will buy your stock soon."
"What, they did this? How much money do we have to resist?" Niebaum asked eagerly that he obviously hadn’t considered this happening, and now he suddenly felt a sense of fatigue. It was hard for him to lose one because of his own efforts on both sides.
"Now the funds are definitely not enough to deal with both sides. I suggest you put all the funds together to deal with one side. Besides, according to my observation, it is very likely that someone is pushing behind the scenes to cause chaos. Now a large number of investors are selling shares. Although we have grabbed 1%, the other side should buy more."
"Let’s see if you can make it through today, and I’ll think of some way. If you really can’t make it, let’s be the company’s stock owner." After thinking for a long time, Niebaum finally made a decision. After all, the club is now suffering huge losses. Even if you get the club’s estimate, you should make great efforts to transform it. It is better to keep your roots first and then try other methods.
"Okay, I’ll try."
All the good moods were broken. Niebaum wait for a while was sitting in a chair with money. I thought I had spent a lot of money in the past. I spent 140 million marks on Rosicky and Kohler in one year. In Amoruso, Amoruso’s transfer of 50,000 euros is the highest record of the German club’s transfer. After such a big sum, the club won the championship the following year. At that time, it was just waiting for the scenery, but now it was forced into this state by a China. I heard that the little boy was only a little over three years old. How could he be so fucking lucky that he became a world rich man after a futures trading? He was about to give up and almost won. Niebaum buried his head in his arms and stuck his hands and fingers in his hair.
At last, the market closed. Li Ning got up from his chair. Today, he received 3% of the shares from Sanshou, but it also allowed Niebaum to take the opportunity to take away 1%. After launching a powerful acquisition offensive against Niebaum’s parent company, Niebaum’s funds were finally forced to go. If he wants to get another 1%, he will become the new owner of Dortmund Club and the first China person to own the top five European leagues.
This 1% can be obtained from individual customers, but it is very unsuccessful for fans to visit. Although some fans choose to support their own acquisition, more fans choose to give Niebaum another chance, which makes Li Ning more fond of Dortmund fans. Although the club’s performance has slipped due to Niebaum’s wrong management in the past two years, the fans have not given up. Think about it. Chinese fans will be somewhat inadequate in this respect. If their performance is not good, they will not go to the stadium to support their clubs. This is one of the reasons why Chinese football clubs are eager for quick success.
He already owns 5% of the shares, and Niebaum’s funds have been firmly tied in the stock of the parent company. Li Ning decided to invite all the team members to relax at night, when he was about to leave, the words rang.
Chapter 46 Appointment with Niebaum
Dortmund is located in the North Rhine in western Germany-Ruhr, westfalen is the seventh largest city in Germany, and it is the center of German insurance industry. In June, it will become the focus of world fans. The Dortmund municipal government invested 360,000 euros to rebuild Wesfalensadin, Dortmund’s home stadium, which will host the World Cup group match. Li Ning Shang arrived in Dortmund, and his mouth was always smiling unconsciously. Just last night, Niebaum called him.
"Hello, Mr. Li Ningshang, I’m Niebaum, president of Dortmund Club. Please forgive me for calling you at this time. I think we should talk."
When Zhou Haixin handed the words to Li Ning Shang, he had already told him that it was Niebaum dialect. Although he was a little confused about Niebaum’s words at this time, he felt that everything might bear fruit. He immediately picked up the words and replied in a steady voice, "Hello, Mr. Chairman, you really gave me an accident. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to call me."
Niebaum also didn’t want to say this. After trying all kinds of loans and loans, he lost his chance in this acquisition and anti-takeover war. His only choice was to leave with dignity. "My agent has told me that you already own 37% of the shares, but I think 13% of the shares were acquired by a company some time ago, and this company should be arranged by you, so that you own 5% of the shares of Dortmund Club. I want to talk to you face to face to solve our problems."
It was really good news. Niebaum gave up his resistance, but to tell the truth, even if he continued to resist, the best result would just be to compete with himself. But as far as financial factors are concerned, the ultimate failure will still be that Li Ning felt the joy of victory and worked hard for so many days, and everything finally paid off. "When is it good?"
"Is it convenient for you?"
In order to prevent Niebaum from making any small moves again, Li Ning also felt that he would meet early and finalize everything. "Is it ok for you to meet early?"
"I’m fine. See you at my company that day."
"I look forward to meeting you."
Li Ningshang smiled and hung up. He felt very relaxed, but Li Ningshang has always been very careful in everything. Everything has not been decided before. Since the situation has changed, the plan should be adjusted accordingly.
"Continue to buy club shares after the opening of the day until I inform you to stop temporarily moving the shares of Niebaum’s parent company, but as soon as you find something abnormal here in Dortmund, you will suppress it."
"White" Yankee immediately replied.
"The expert group will go to Dortmund with me and hope that everything can be solved tomorrow."
"Sure, there is not much that Niebaum can do. According to the bank news, he has changed everything that can be mortgaged into cash, and the loan channel has been blocked by you. How can he play this game without money? And after all, he is also a businessman who can buy again without the club. Without the company, there is really no chance to turn over." Yang Ke immediately analyzed.
Li Ning Shang didn’t answer him and turned to Zhou Haixin and said, "Arrange a good car. We will leave early in the morning and arrive in Dortmund before 83."
"I’ll notify the team immediately," Haixin said as he walked out of the door to make a phone call.
Li Ningshang then said to everyone, "It’s impossible for everyone to go out and relax together after all the hard work, but I will give a special red envelope to every gentleman and lady present as soon as it is fruitful."
Hearing that money was taking everyone’s enthusiasm was immediately ignited. Everyone clapped their hands and cheered and kept saying, "No problem, Chairman, I wish you every success."
Li Ning Shang waved a hand to signal everyone to be quiet and said, "All right, now the negotiating team will discuss the negotiation strategy for the next day, and the others can rest first."
On the same night in Dortmund, Niebaum also discussed with his consultants that although he was ready to give up his shares in the club, Li Ning could not get that easy. Losing to a China person, especially a young man half his age, was somewhat uncomfortable. Second, he also wanted to get more benefits through this opportunity to enrich his company and make some preparations in the future.
The next day, 9 Li Ningshang appeared in the Niebaum company on time. Niebaum didn’t go out to meet him personally, but stayed in the conference room. When Li Ningshang finally appeared in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of jealousy. He struggled all his life and his career didn’t reach the front. It was unfair for the emperor to treat himself. Why should he suffer such humiliation?
Looking at Niebaum, Li Ning made a little apology. The other party must not have a good rest during this period. Obviously, I met with Li Ning. Niebaum cleaned himself up well, but his dark eyes and glossy skin betrayed him. But business is like this. Strength is the only way to solve everything. I have been dreaming for many years. In my lifetime, China Football found a way out. It is necessary for Li Ning to first reach out and pass it to Niebaum. After greeting each other, Niebaum took the lead in speaking.
"Welcome to come. Although I have heard about your experience for a long time, I feel that you are young after seeing real people."
"Thank you for your praise. I have been admiring you for a long time. Although Dortmund Club is in trouble now, it is you who personally brought the club to the commercial field. This alone can prove your foresight." Both sides were very polite at first.
Niebaum smiled, and he was really proud of all this. He thought that he had developed a career from a lawyer when he entered the club. Niebaum was most proud of personally developing a pure football club into a football career. In his view, it is in line with the club’s development track to set foot in the stock market. Since it is necessary to make a career, it is necessary to attract investment in the commercial field, whether it is for players, The development of the stadium or other aspects always leads to an enterprise economic rule in the management of the club. "The amount of self-owned assets must be continuously enhanced." Indeed, the team has also achieved success. The team once again climbed the Bundesliga championship position in the first season, but now everything has changed. Niebaum put away his smile. "Today, I invited Mr. Li Ning Shang to come and discuss with you about the future direction of Dortmund Club. You should now own 5% of the shares of the club, which is the largest shareholder of the club, although it has not been absolutely controlled. But it’s a matter of time. Your opinion will be decisive for the development of the club. Although I am the chairman of the club now, I can’t absolutely control the direction of the club without your support. I want to ask Chairman Li if you are going to run the club? "
"I believe you know that I am rich. It doesn’t matter to me whether the club is losing money or not. Just like Chelsea owner Abramovich, the club is a toy to me, but I like this toy very much. My personal style is to do it or not. I don’t need a commercial club. I will meet with the holding club without being disturbed. I can even delist the shares of Dortmund Club, but everything has one goal: the Bundesliga champion and the European Champions Cup champion." Li Ning said that it is firm and there is no room for negotiation.
"It seems that you are ready for a big fight, but you also know that even if you now have 51% absolute control, we can still question your operation. People who have not sold shares yet are all loyal club fans and employees."
Li Ning smiled. Everything is ultimately a matter of interest. It is good that you are willing to bargain with me. "Mr. Chairman, I think we will sit here today just to solve the problem. For these fans and employees, I want the club to get high grades, so there is no problem. Let’s make a direct price for you and your partner, Chairman."
"Direct is really direct. I like Mr. Li’s simple style very much. I know the price when you bought Deutsche Bank shares, but I believe it is not the key. This is your last acquisition. You must not be too stingy."
Li Ning smiled and said, "Now that we have reached this point, it is a little bit more." So he said, "Now the share price of the club is 16 euros and it is still falling by 4 euros. This is my purchase price."
"Oh, no, this price is unacceptable to us. It is too low. Now I doubt your sincerity in coming to negotiate." Niebaum immediately cried.
"Mr. Niebaum, our team has made a detailed assessment of the club assets. Your foreign debts amount to more than 100 million euros. The original club assets, including the stadium, have been sold by you. What I am buying now are the players, training grounds and club names, and once I am in office, it means that I must first pay off these debts and rebuild these facilities. Mr. Chairman, do you still think that I am insincere?"

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