Everyone stared at this scene, which actually happened just now, but at that time, the situation was chaotic, and not many people paid attention to it. Until now, this scene of the resurrection of the pick Jin Xian was perfectly reproduced.

Do they want to do this? ……
Qin Na looked on coldly, and suddenly his heart moved quietly to guard against it.
At the same time, those who have decided to minister Qin Nan Sanxiu suddenly began to appear around them. These people are impressively invisible and have entered the Wanxian Array to intercept all the people. At this moment, there are more than a thousand immortals around these Sanxiu.
"Dear Taoist Wan Xian array vitality has been injected into your Taoist body, and you can rest assured that you can fight. Now we have an immortal body, and the merits of sealing the gods are just around the corner. Are there really Taoist friends willing to give up?" At the same time, these religious sects have been desperately rushing towards Qin Na.
Seeing the performance of these disciples, there were a lot of scattered practices, and my heart began to shake.
"Don’t I really have become immortal at the moment? If so, this horse will be blessed with merits. Don’t give up."
Although their hearts have been shaken, these scattered practitioners are as cunning as ghosts. They are watching those sectarians fight against Qin Na in the past and are not sure whether they can really come back from the dead. These scattered practitioners will not have the courage to fight Qin Na again before.
These religious sects seem to have expected such a reaction for a long time, so they have no intention of trying their best to fight towards Qinnan.
Luo Jinxian, who is not close to Qinnan Qinnan Nanda, has stopped these sectarians from repairing most of them, which is not as good as those who come and go, and most of them are killed at the first contact.
However, after a while, the bodies of these killed monks recovered and became full of vitality, as if they had just been replenished instead of dead.
Even if the monk’s body is smashed into pieces, like the monk just now, an aura bead appears first, and then the aura bead attracts aura to restore their flesh and blood.
These monks really seem to have immortality.
Qin Na looked surprised and quietly explored the details of these monks while summoning pick Jin Xian to be busy.
With these disciples as role models, several Sanxiu couldn’t help but stir up, and there was no shortage of mental seniors among them. They dared not rashly engage in hostility with Qin Na again, so they turned their spears against one of Sanxiu.
Poor Sanxiu was suddenly attacked by his companions around him, but a moment later, the fallen Sanxiu appeared beside them unscathed again.
"If there is an immortal body, then what are we afraid of? It’s wishful thinking for the Terran patriarch to want us to be a handmaiden for the Terran. Let’s kill the Terran patriarch together and rob the Terran to seal the gods."
Confirmed that they really won’t die, the scattered monks began to go crazy.
They didn’t really want Qin Na, a minister, to have no fear in their hearts at the moment, and immediately they tried to avenge Qin Na’s killing in the past, and they just yelled at hatred by Qin Na.
For a moment, I have already scattered my disciples to the point where most of them are crazy. These scattered disciples instantly turned their backs on Qin Na and killed in the past. There is no fear of death. These scattered disciples have already scrupled about all kinds of Taoism spewing out, which is more than 100 times crazier than just being afraid of their hands and feet.
Qin Na looked at all this coldly. Just now, she vowed to be a vassal of Terran Sanxiu. Most of them have turned against each other, and the rest of them are also ready to move. These people often have to bend to be Terran slaves just to save their lives, but now it’s a blink of an eye, and these Sanxiu people seem to have forgotten their promise just now.
"This ya is your own death, but you can’t blame me." Qin Na was furious at this, but he was ready for it, so he didn’t panic. He glanced at those who were stirring and scattered, and Qin Nanda woke them up.
"If you want to fight against the undead, I’m an enemy of Terran, then don’t wave quickly. If you are a sincere minister, then stay away."
When I heard Qin Na’s words, these scattered repairs suddenly looked different. Half of them scattered repairs and gritted their teeth to join those monks who were hostile to Qin Na. A very small group of scattered repairs turned back with uneasy faces.
Look at their faces Qin Na can guess that they will fall into the wind later, and these guys will surely rebel without hesitation.
But …
"Will the old society give you a chance to rebel? Wait to be a slave to the old for ten thousand years." Qin Na cold hum a lot of Luo Jinxian’s two places at once poured out from the beast repair collection.
The rumbling sound keeps ringing. This time, Qin Na is too lazy to entangle with these guys, and these guys who are enemies with Qin Na are all crazy. They have no fear of being resurrected. Instead, they have adopted the most extreme tactics. Some of them directly regard themselves as bombs. How can they blow themselves up? How can they let themselves explode? The explosive power far exceeds that of Qin Nan Da Luo Jinxian’s two places at once.
Every time these pick Jin Xian two places at once fall, they will repeat the resurrection procedure, first the aura beads are born and then the body is revived.
This is a struggle between calling and resurrection, and both sides of the fighting have gone crazy, especially those monks who have experienced several lives and deaths and simply don’t take their lives seriously.
These scattered repairs have been suppressed by Qin Na, but at the moment, although their number has been greatly reduced, they have pulled them over a little bit in this Wan Xian array.
"No, just now we were suppressed by the Terran patriarch. Now we have the Wan Xian array to bless the Terran patriarch. This Terran patriarch is on the verge of defeat. You can’t give up just now. It’s just appropriate to promise the minister Terran. Now it’s time for us to make efforts to rob the Terran patriarch."
See the situation upside down, those who are dormant and scattered and repaired suddenly tell more than half of them to kill Qin Na.
At this time, it is still decided that there is a very small part left in the Terran, and Qin Na knows that this part of the monk is definitely not a sincere minister. If he is not a mentally determined generation, how can he be willing to minister to others? These people who are left at this moment are just careful and can’t reach the key moment, and they will never make moves.
"In that case, the old today will let you completely break the rebellious mind" Qin Na heart cold hum a hand-held animal repair book rushed towards those scattered repairs.
Since the war between the two sides, these three repair doors have been faced with the fact that Luo Jinxian, a member of Qinnan University, is busy at the moment and suddenly roared with excitement when he saw Qinnan’s appearance.
"Killing this Terran patriarch is probably the fate of this Terran patriarch. If you want to kill him, you will be able to get most of the merits."
There is a godly merit to attract the vast majority of scattered repairs regardless of rushing towards Qin Na. On the contrary, after seeing this situation, the thousand immortals smirked and the figure was once again hidden in the Wanxian Array.
Kill, kill …
At this moment, the murderous fighting in the whole Wanxian array has really heated up at this moment.
Although the battle was fierce just now, it was a unilateral massacre. It was not a confrontation, but at the moment, these crazy and scattered repairs finally resisted Qin Nan’s limited pick Jin Xian’s two places at once after throwing caution to the wind, even his own life.
"There are Terran heads with Jin Xian level. You’ve been playing with us for so long. Now it’s your turn to die and kill you. I’m sure I can get a lot of deities. With these deities, I’m sure it’s not impossible to cultivate ancestors."
After dying several times in succession, a scattered pick Jin Xian finally rushed to the front of Qin Na and faced Qin Na with a ferocious face.
At this moment, he is the closest to Qin Na, and in the eyes of these scattered practitioners, this Terran patriarch can’t fix Jin Xian’s realm. Even if there are so horrible and weird summoning techniques, it’s nothing. In the eyes of these scattered practitioners, Qin Na is already a red (naked) lamb who has lost its shell, waiting for these hungry wolves to hunt.
"This great deity is mine." The pick Jin Xian was very proud, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw Qin Na commanding a busy man to come towards him.
"No, now I’m not a god of death. Even if I die, I’ll resurrect this Terran patriarch. Is it stupid? I didn’t even see this clearly."
The pick Jin Xian was so proud in his heart that he didn’t care that he was busy. Instead, he was already planning how to deal with the Terran patriarch later.
But it’s not good for this pick Jin Xian to feel that the Yuan God seems to be drifting after his death this time, which is different from every resurrection.
Chapter three hundred and nineteen Don’t provoke the heads of families
This Sanxiu Luo Jinxian has been resurrected several times, and he knows the resurrection process even better.
First of all, the aura bead should be condensed before it can attract the surrounding aura to condense flesh and blood, and then the Yuan God will return to his place. In fact, the most important point of this program is to tie the Yuan God with the power of the Wan Xian array, and not to let the gods be sucked away by the Feng Shen List. This ability alone is enough to reflect the fate of the Wan Xian array.
But at the moment, this pick Jin Xian has already begun to feel that something is wrong, because his Yuan God has been floating for a while, but it has not been absorbed by the gods list, but it is not controlled at all. After a while, this pick Jin Xian feels that his Yuan God has been absorbed by something, and then this pick Jin Xian consciousness is completely annihilated.
A pick Jinxian who has an immortal body and a loose cultivation has completely fallen.
It’s a pity that not many people in this group of crazy practitioners have noticed this.
Qin Na waved back the beast repair collection, which was as cool as if the guy he just killed was a pig with milli-resistance. Actually, Qin Na is not much more difficult to deal with this pick Jin Xian than to deal with pigs.
These scattered practitioners are so rampant that they simply don’t take things seriously by fighting for immortality.
And these scattered repairs would never have thought that Qin Nan could rob the Yuan God beast to repair the treasure book with the gods list. The reason why these scattered repairs can not die is that the Wan Xian array can isolate the power of the gods list and ensure that the Yuan God will not be absorbed by the gods list. However, Wan Xian array cannot prevent Qin Nan from absorbing the Yuan God. Because Qin Nan is also in the Wan Xian array, the beast repair treasure book absorbs the Yuan God, which is much more powerful than the outside world. Even if you want to escape, you can’t escape.
Kill the Terran patriarch …
Those scattered roots around didn’t notice that Qin Na’s situation here was still crazy. Qin Na’s figure flashed and he took the initiative to rush toward another scattered pick Jin Xian.

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