Haikui’s heart moved to the fairy emperor’s palace to get the fairy treasure.

So you have a chance to see the Xiandi courtyard, and the phoenix can see it at nine o’clock? Then you will have a chance to see the fruit of the cloud.
I was worried a moment ago, but I didn’t expect to see it so soon. It’s really another village with mountains and rivers and doubts.
Haikui left the main cave of the gate and waited for the next day’s draw.
Although there is a chance, it is not for him to decide the lottery. I hope that my luck will not be too bad.
When I went back to my assigned cave and waited for a day, Long Lin and centipede, the things I got from the Dragon Palace, could not be taken out immediately to refine the extra branches.
On the second day, when it was just dawn, I heard a crisp sound like a bell ringing, but not like a bell ringing. When Hai Kui walked out of the cave, he saw that the master was holding something similar to an animal bone in his hand, and he made a crisp sound with a flick of his finger.
Although the sound is not big, it has spread all over the star Solomon.
There are nine people in Jiahaikui, who came from the department of Xing Luomen and Di.
Haikui and seven others came to the door.
The door master looked at the crowd and said, "This time, it’s our turn to send someone to be the patrol fairy soldier. This is also an opportunity for our star Luo Man to be established for more than 40 years. This is the second time that our star Luo Man has been established, and now it has grown to ten people. This time, you can successfully attract a few new people to our star Luo Man. When he grows up, he will have the opportunity to upgrade the second-level clan!"
The door master talked about it in a long way, that is, let the immortals who were drawn to patrol have a good plan!
The door owner continued, "We are unwilling to be with others, you are unwilling, and I am unwilling. If you are now in other clan doors such as Grade 4 and Grade 5, I am afraid you will not have this comfort. I think you are more humble in those clan doors, and at least you are free in our Star Romain."
Everyone Bai haikui is also white.
Don’t be wordy. Draw lots to decide who will be a patrol fairy soldier.
Adopt the most democratic method to draw lots to write two immortals and the remaining white characters in front of the door owner, and all the papers that are the highest in Luomen are described by runes, and the lower ones are seen through.
And instead of letting them catch in a sealed box or jar, a younger brother arranged all the lots in order and divided them into one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and nine.
"All right, you choose one of the nine paper balls."
The door owner said that he would wait for them to choose.
Haikui, see if it’s better to choose six or nine.
He thought it was a good choice to choose nine, saying that there are nine poles, and he wanted to choose nine for all nine 95 places.
But before he could reach out, someone had pinched nine.
Haikui turned to get five nine five nine five nine five. Naturally, he had to get five, but he was also stretched out his hand and took it.
Haikui Nai didn’t even look up and see who took the 952 lot. He immediately reached for the 666 Dashun, hoping it would be smooth and smooth, but there was nothing left to catch at once.
Haikui didn’t mind looking up to see who took six turns and immediately went to the specialty. Just after putting it in Fang, it was copied away.
Five, six, nine, these good numbers have all been taken away. Look at the rest of Haikui and shake his head slightly. Just take any one. Who knows which number has a fairy word? Maybe it’s in 123.
But it was a moment of hesitation that lost two, three and seven.
There is only one four left on the stone stage. It seems that there is no choice. Haikui’s pie pie is said to be unlucky. Although he has no special feeling, he feels strange when he hears too much.
Haikui swept all the people, but they couldn’t tell from their expressions who had got the note with the immortal words written on it, and they couldn’t tell whether Yu Si had seen their expressions.
Haikui reached for four dozen.
Suddenly, the whole person feels a little goose bumps, and feels that he is too lucky. Actually, he has got this fairy word for himself.
Stupid luck. Sure enough, I still have some stupid luck
Haikui actually has a little secret joy.
When the door owner saw that all the notes had been selected, he asked, "Come with me when you get the immortal word."
Haikui and another man followed the main door and headed for the main cave.
Another person, Hai Kui, had never seen him before he didn’t know his name. When he first entered the star Rohm, the other person might be in his cave practice, which he had never seen.
The man is a middle-aged man who has been silent and looks cold. Haikui doesn’t know what to say to him, so there is no communication between them.
Follow the door master to the door master cave. The door master took out two black tokens and gave them to Haikui, a middle-aged man.
The token is polished to be very smooth, but it is not as moist as jade. Haikui should judge that it is also a kind of animal bone
"Ye Shengfu Jin Yu, you two take these two tokens to the gate of Zongmen Mountain, the third level of Zhengshan, and wait for your own Xianbing to take you to Xiandi Tiangong!"
After they were ordered to take the token, they didn’t say much and went back to their caves.
Haikui touched the black token and wondered what to do next. If I don’t know if I have a chance to bring out the fruit of cloud nine.
He’s also hesitating about whether it’s worth it. It’s a great risk. It’s a promise of immortality.
He is also thinking that the immortal body can only play its greatest role if it reaches the level of immortal emperor, otherwise even if he is immortal, he can’t beat the level of immortal emperor.
He calculated the value in his mind.
The night is getting darker, and the mountain walls are getting moist, so is the cave. Haikui opens his eyes slightly, and the moist stone wall can clearly see the sticky moss emitting a faint green light in the night light. Haikui waves his hand and the cave door is closed, but the moss absorbs the moonlight of the fairyland, and the green light shines on the cave instead of decreasing.
Haikui has no absolute death in his heart. He thinks that he has always been lucky, and it is hard to say that his luck is also good. I won’t know if I can do it until I try. If it is too dangerous, just give up!
I’m relieved when I figure it out. Haikui’s mouth floats with a smile and looks up at the top of the stone. I wonder if they are okay in another world?
After thinking for a while, my family and friends, Haikui, closed their eyes and entered the state, waiting for the next day to come.
The next day, the sky will be bright, and Haikui will open his eyes with a flash of light and gradually return to normal, waving his hand at the cave door and looking out.
Because these caves are built on high stone walls, you can see the giant wooden roof and the sky when you enter.
The branches and leaves of the giant trees do not shake, but the color of the sky is gradually changing from gray to blue, and the white clouds are slowly exposed and floating alone.
The sky is getting brighter and brighter, and a breeze blows through the trees, making rustling leaves and shaking sounds. White clouds are blown forward and rushing to meet the sun. I don’t know if I have gone.
Haikui has been quietly watching the wind caressing the leaves and the white clouds fluttering outside the cave.
When the color was bright and a touch of golden light appeared, Fu Jinyu appeared outside Haikui Cave.
Haikui’s eyes were blocked, and the sight was broken, and he looked slightly sideways and said too much.
"Brother Ye, we should go."
Haikui got up. "Please come and call me!"
Auxiliary jinyu said that he turned and walked out of the cave and flew away.
Haikui followed the cave and disappeared. I secretly wondered what kind of person this assistant Jin Yu was taciturn. Highly effective?
There is a magnificent archway Qingyun boundary before crossing the peak where the star Rohm is located and reaching the highest peak.
Haikui knows that this Qingyun world is the third-class clan here.

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