Chu Jian-xin nodded with an expression, "Good!"

"Thank you for your kindness!" After Ye Shuang thanked him, he quietly thought about the meeting just now!
Chu Jian’s swordsmanship has reached the state of returning to nature, and at the same time, he has opened up strange meridians in terms of strength, which can be said to be a real master. This time, he didn’t have the strength to shoot Ye Shuang, and it was also the first time that he met the real master head-on. When he met him, he fled with flying skills!
There is still a long way to go to the realm of returning to nature from Ye Shuang. He has also thought about listening to others’ descriptions. Most of them are not as real as feeling them in person!
In a short time, the knife method is a pulse, and these people have met with Chu Jianxin. Ye Shuang and Wen Heng have to enter the cliff!
Ye Shuang was also excited when he remembered that he was about to learn Wuyue swordsmanship. Although Wuyue swordsmanship is not a superb swordsmanship, it is absolutely beneficial to learn from Wuyue swordsmanship later!
At this time, Ye Shuang has learned Jing Ming’s swordsmanship, Wudang’s three-door swordsmanship and killer swordsmanship. If he learns Wuyue’s swordsmanship again, it can be said that what he has learned is extremely complicated. He wants to practice all these swordsmanship one by one. It’s impossible for him to have a sword with Jing Ming’s left hand at ordinary times. He has just got Jing Ming’s right hand sword, and it’s even more impossible for him to go to refine Wuyue’s swordsmanship!
When he entered Siguo Cliff, he simply learned his own swordsmanship of Wuyue Mountain. After his identity was exposed, he never had a chance to learn it again!
In Ye Shuang’s eyes, there are two ways to achieve the state of returning to nature in swordsmanship. One way is to cultivate a swordsmanship, and when kung fu comes naturally, you can step into the state of returning to nature. The second way is to be proficient in many swordsmanship like Chu Jianxin, and verify each other from these swordsmanship.
These two roads are not better or worse, but for Ye Shuang himself, the second road is more suitable. Among the swordsmanship he has learned, the natural Jingming swordsmanship is the most powerful. He is most familiar with Jingming swordsmanship, but he keeps in mind that the old man in golden robe said that Jingming swordsmanship is easy to go astray. He has such a great obsession with Wuyue swordsmanship that he will not go the wrong way later and can have enough swordsmanship to understand and prove it himself when he needs it!
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter ninety-two Encounters
Thinking about the sword in the cliff, Yunv Mountain, Ye Shuang and Wen Heng, the two brothers who use saber, have less than 20 people in total, and there are some Huashan elders who can consult before they sit in the town.
There are not only the swordsmanship of Wuyue Sword School in Siwei Cliff, but also some predecessors who left some experiences when they realized it. Some of them were not recorded in the original swordsmanship, such as Huashan School’s Chongling Swordsmanship, Taiyue Sanqingfeng, which were not recorded in the original Siwei Cliff at this time!
Ye Shuang has been immersed in many swordsmanship since the first day he entered it. The first thing he practiced was that he didn’t learn the Huashan school swordsmanship, such as the sword Sect’s unique skill of killing himself, the three immortals, the sword Sect and the three Qingfeng Mountains.
It took three days to learn other swordsmanship departments of Huashan School, and then Ye Shuang began to practice Hengshan School’s swordsmanship, Hengshan Five-God Sword’s ever-changing magic clouds and clouds, followed by Hengshan School’s swordsmanship, followed by Taishan School’s swordsmanship, such as Taishan Ten Dishes, and finally Songshan Sword!
Ye Shuang has always been a heavy and vigorous swordsman of Taishan School in soft sword, while Songshan School is a broadsword school. He left the two schools of swordsmanship behind!
It’s been more than 20 days since I remembered all the five schools of swordsmanship in Siguo Cliff. When I was left, Ye Shuang watched the experience and feeling of these swordsmanship left by my predecessors in Siguo Cliff wholeheartedly. In the future, I can take fewer detours when I realize and practice these swordsmanship, and this is probably the only chance for him to enter Siguo Cliff!
A month passed quickly, and Ye Shuang and a dozen Huashan brothers were reluctant to leave the cliff!
Huashan school is making final preparations, and everyone can feel the momentum of the storm!
Ye Shuang returned to the main peak of the knife method, Youzi, and immersed himself in the numerous swordsmanship that crossed the cliff, constantly deepening his memory. Some places that need attention should be remembered quickly and forgotten after a long time!
In three days, many Huashan disciples were divided into two parts. One part destroyed it with Chu Jianxin’s pursuit of the killer hall in the Jianghu and Zhenjiao, and the other part went to the western regions with Lu Haoran’s Gao Chang in Chang ‘an and Zhenjiao’s meeting. Mei Aohan took charge of Huashan Sect and led many things!
Of course, this is arranged by many brothers, and there will certainly be many elders of Huashan Sect who will accompany them to protect Huashan brother and compete with the master of the killer hall!
Ye Shuang took the initiative to ask Gao Chang to go to the western regions after knowing the news. He didn’t want to go to the killer hall with Chu Mark, and his reason was quite good. He had an old grudge with the Sect. He directly said that he first joined the game and was a thick soil flag. This time, he will take revenge with going to the western regions!
Wait until three days later, Ye Shuang was sent to the Western Regions and was still a pioneer with several swordsmen. Coincidentally, Guo Yunbai, a swordsmen, was also a pioneer with Ye Shuang, and it can be said that he was a pioneer leader. Ye Shuang, a swordsman who wanted to kill himself in the joint Hongshou, still paid special attention to one!
Ye Shuang and his party of more than 30 pioneers were the elite brothers of Huashan School who took the lead in setting out to meet in Chang ‘an and the true brothers officially rushed to the Western Regions!
The leader of the true religion is the player, Zhen Qiyi. When Sun Zhen was fighting for the palm of the mysterious god, Ye Shuang also had a personal relationship with him. He led twenty true brothers to form four plough Beidou arrays, and he won’t suffer from siege!
The two factions simply exchanged pleasantries and went together!
Ye Shuang is not too worried about this trip. If he can teach a hard lesson with the help of the two factions, this is also what he is willing to see. If the two factions lose, he will just run away. Anyway, Wuyue Jianfa has also learned it. It is not very attractive to Huashan Sect for him, and there is not much nostalgia. He has not been naive enough to admit that he can learn the nine swords of Dugu if he stays in Huashan Sect for a few more years!
There is not much communication among people along the way. I am burying my head in the road to explore the situation along the way. I am sure that I have already got the news about the big movements of the two factions. They are exploring and teaching to prevent ambush and so on. A large number of subsequent troops make some necessary preparations!
Out of Yumen, it began to be desolate and sparsely populated. On this night, I traveled for several days. The two brothers rested in the carry-on tent, surrounded by bonfires and patrolled the night.
Ye Shuang sat quietly in a tent to practice. Suddenly, he suddenly got up and shouted, "Watch out for the enemy!"
He immediately shocked the two factions, and all of them were on alert to probe around but found no one!
Guo Yunbai saw Ye Shuang coming out of the tent frowning. "Teacher Ye, are you sure someone is coming? We didn’t feel anything? "
Ye Shuang nodded with a dignified look. "There can’t be a mistake. Someone is already around here. It’s that he has achieved extraordinary flying skills and no one has found it!"
Guo Yun white after listening to also with a grain of salt, but also have a lot of opinions about Ye Shuang words. Everyone didn’t find the other party’s flying achievement. Did you find it?
If it weren’t for uniting the Linxi Finger Ye Shuang, it would be difficult to sense that the other person is near the Lightness Skill of the bearer. Ye Shuang thinks that he can’t do this, and he still associates them with this Lightness Skill of the bearer.
"Little bat Wang Jiang is like a heart!" Ye Shuang transports Qili Avenue. "Since I’m here, I have to hide?"
"Gaga didn’t expect to be discovered by you!" Jiang Ruxin shows his figure in one place, but it is fleeting. He keeps wandering around the two factions as fast as a ghost. If he doesn’t stay in one place for a moment, the two factions can’t grasp his appearance!
"But found again? Even if I try to observe you, how can you resist me? I am still free to come and go! " Jiang Ruxin’s tone is extremely arrogant.
Guo Yun Bai and Sun Zhen’s face are extremely difficult to see at this time. Jiang Ruxin’s flying skill is really majestic. They can’t chase him at all. He can get the two brothers together to prevent being attacked by him!
"Jiang Ruxin doesn’t want you to do whatever you want with lightness skill!" Guo Yunbai said, "When our two factions are destroyed, you will be a lonely ghost!"
"Hey, hey, it’s not small to destroy our teaching tone. This is the siege of the six factions!" Jiang Ruxin disdained to say!
"You also know that this is not the six factions besieging the bare top!" Ye Shuang suddenly said, "Can you still come and go freely with flying skills like the king of green-winged bats?"
Ye Shuang speaks, his body moves as fast as lightning, and he chases Jiang Ruxin, palms up, exerts ten successes, and attacks him!

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