In a flash, the hair stood on end at dusk, and I felt as if I had lost my vest.

No, no matter how clever he is, he can’t guess that I came through, can he?
Liu Xixi stood up with a serious face and said, "I said that I had an adventure when I was a child and I knew a very powerful person. Do you believe it or not?"
"I believe everything you say. Tell me whether you like Emperor Phoenix Night or Xuanyuan winds." Yeze smiled softly, but Liu Sunseeker didn’t care at all at night. It’s not that she didn’t hear the maid say that when this guy smiled softly, he was full of murder.
"I don’t like anyone. I like myself best." Liu Xiyue proudly announced to him.
"Really?" Ye Ze continued to press Liu Xi’s lower abdomen.
Liu Xixi’s face turned white when he brushed it at night.
Night ze looked at Liu Xixi in rain or shine. It was a long time before he said softly, "Ah, here’s your weakness."
"You fucking pervert, you’d better kill me." At that moment, Liu Xixi really felt fear. This man is terrible. He is good at helping people find human weaknesses. She shivers at the thought of him.
Suddenly, Yeze grabbed Liuxi’s neck at night.
Is he serious this time?
Liu Xixi’s face turned red slowly. She wanted to resist Ye Ze’s other hand and press it to her belly. Liu Xixi was able to grab that hand and she really wanted to have this baby.
Tears slowly spread from the fundus for a long time. She looked down at her and didn’t know what she was thinking. He finally said faintly, "Go, someone will give her water and food."
Liu Sunseeker looked at Ye Ze in surprise at night and didn’t know what was wrong with him.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 61 Mental derangement is ill
Is this a new conspiracy? Or is this one of his new tormenting pleasures?
Until all the food and water were ready, Ye Ze personally took her to the camel place secretly.
Liu Xixi suddenly found that Yeze was a little sneaky when he did it, wasn’t he too? Do you have to be bound to do something?
She suddenly remembered those nobles who didn’t seem to put Ye Ze in their eyes.
Yes, a kingdom has not yet been established, and it will take many years for the emperor to establish his prestige and king after it is established.
"If I catch you again, it won’t be so easy." Yeze smiled faintly, and was shocked by the feeling of ups and downs.
He can’t keep her because those people are eyeing the imperial fiancee. Before they allowed him to take her, they didn’t know she was pregnant.
But she is pregnant, and the child is still a phoenix night. This child’s position is so important that everyone can offer a large reward for this child.
Since he can’t kill her by hand, he can let her go. This is her only chance to live. Give her to Xuanyuan Lin. Someone will be kind to her, and she won’t abandon her in times of crisis.
"But before I leave, I want to tell you something." Yeze’s mouth is full of evil, but what if I don’t do something?
"What what?" I knew you weren’t so kind when Liu Xixi looked at Ye Ze lying in the trough warily at night.
"It’s not that simple. If I let you go, I will definitely let you go. When do you think I cheated you?" Yezawa chuckle restored his sly expression.
Liu Xixi looked at him with a kind of stop it. Shouldn’t you ask me when I didn’t lie to you?
"Don’t look at me with that cute look. I might change my mind and hate to let you go." Yeze smiled and touched Liuxi’s face.
Lying in the trough, I want to cut off this claw, but the baby in my stomach will endure it.
Liu Sunseeker endured the impulse and let Ye Ze touch her face.
Yezawa sighed. I really don’t want to let this girl go, but now she is in danger here.
If she aborts the child, I’m afraid she will never look at him again. Look at him, too. He is full of hatred.
He suddenly felt a little scared, so even he would be scared in the future.
Just then, someone suddenly shouted, "Watch out for the sandstorm! !”
Night ze fundus folded in a flash and pulled up Liuxi night hand sink a way "go".
However, before they ran far, they were caught in a huge sandstorm …
I don’t know how long it took Liu Xixi to wake up in the evening and find himself and Ye Ze out in the dark and narrow. Well, it seems that they were all blown up by the wind at last, and that guy has been holding her from beginning to end.
Looking up, there is a harsh ray of sunlight coming through the gap.
Where is this? They seem to have fallen into the ground.
"Hey, hey," Liu Xixi pushed Ye Ze late, only to find that guy had already woken up, but now what’s wrong with him? He’s shaking?
Looking at her pale face and wandering eyes, she felt so desperate at night that she wanted to laugh. Ha ha ha. This guy turned out to have weaknesses, too.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 62 He will be afraid, too
However, seeing that Yeze is getting more and more wrong, the situation has a shock trend. How serious is this guy’s claustrophobia?
She sighed and remembered that this guy was going to let her go before, and if he died, wouldn’t he stay here with a corpse?
It’s a little creepy to think that Liu Xi walked over and hugged Ye Ze at night, and then it was important to massage his important acupoints while pretending to shoot, so that he slowly calmed down. It’s been a long time since she came here. She hugged him for at least an hour.
If it gets any worse, she’ll turn into a neuropathy.
So Liu Xixi pushed him in disgust at night and then lifted his face to let him see it. "You see, although you are very narrow around, there is sunshine on the surface. See? When you go out, it suddenly becomes clear. You try to imagine that we climb out and see a vast desert, especially vast, and then an oasis. Just keep going ahead-"
"treasure! !” Yeze suddenly said that his pleasant sound was particularly clear in this narrow tunnel, and it was impossible for Liu Sunseeker to listen to him wrong at night.
"It belongs to our Su Mu family’s huge treasure house, and those treasures are enough for us to build an army and flatten the whole Dayong to unify the Central Plains." Ye Ze looked at Fang Sun and stopped talking after saying these things.
Liu Xixi was lying in the trough late-she was casually hypnotized. Unexpectedly, she successfully hypnotized this root who could not be hypnotized.
Perhaps this is because, firstly, he is claustrophobic and his will is the weakest at this time, and secondly, her hypnosis has become severe in Mock’s demonic training.
But will he kill her when he wakes up?
It suddenly occurred to me that future generations would not remember what they were hypnotized, let alone what they said.
Liu Xixi was relieved at night and suddenly heard Ye Ze say, "When I was arrested before, I also arrested a boy together. Those women arrested the boy for ransom and refused to give them at home ―― brutally killed him and left the body with me for a whole month."
Liu Sunseeker suddenly looked back at the night and saw that there was no fear in the eyes of Ye Ze, although it was a flash.
Liu Xi finally clapped his hands in judo. "Well, you are now settled. You are strong enough now. If you encounter this situation again, will you still be afraid?"
Ye Ze was silent for a while and his face smiled strangely "No"
I don’t know what that guy thought. Anyway, the whole person feels gloomy at night. Suddenly, this tunnel is very, very cool. I wish I could kick this guy out with one foot.
She gave a slight yi tooth and snapped, "Well, you’re tired. Now go to sleep."
Night ze burst into a fall to the ground.
Liu Xixi breathed a sigh of relief last night, touched his forehead a little and felt his pulse again. The patient is in good condition and is likely to recover.
Then her hands became stiff. Why should she treat his claustrophobia and dislike his weakness?

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