The most typical game is still ING’s YO team led by Paris Star and KY team led by the Devil last year.

In one of the games, YO played wild, and the original YO auxiliary fruit GG chose Pan Sen to play wild, but when he was only at Grade 4, he had already played wild mantis at Grade 6.
Even though there was a little walk in the early stage, I can be opened up by other wild players in such a short time. I can imagine how slow this hero is in clearing the wild!
Of course, that game also became the black spot of fruit GG’s life. Four-level Panson singled out six-level mantis fruit, of course, and was killed by the opposite tower.
After that game, people never saw the figure of fruit GG in the competition field again. Later, some news was released, and players realized that he had retired behind the scenes and became a member of the management team of YO.
Of course, these are all in the past. After entering the game, Yefeng bought the only equipment to fight wild, and the wild knife was added with two reds.
There is no variability in the opening of the wild monster. Pan Sen’s speed of playing wild is slow. There is naturally no other choice but to knock out the stone with the double road
Then there is the red BUFF.
The advantage of red opening is that you can look at the line situation and then decide whether to choose to carry out a wave of GANK at the second level.
After all, the deceleration effect brought by red BUFF is of great help to arresting people.
In the middle is their home, Yasuo. Right, the opposite blade.
A standard late hero blade’s early ability is really in line with the design concept. Ye Feng watched the blade move slightly before the exam, so she chose to wait in the river grass for a while while while taking disciplinary cooling.
Chapter ninety-nine One blood
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Indeed, as he imagined, the blade was slightly ahead, but it was impossible to start work without crossing a red line on the map in every high-end game of GANK in the early stage.
It was a short few seconds later that the night maple saw that there was no chance to kill and withdrew.
If it is in the low-end game, the night maple may consume a wave of cooperation. Once Yasuo faints to the blade, he can at least hit most of the blood on the opposite side.
But the ranking of high-end bureau is far from simple.
Once the wild position is exposed, it is likely to bring the cost, which is far from being comparable to your killing the hero opposite.
The best in the wild is that even if you don’t come to GANK, you will make your heart fear that you will be caught at any time!
This is the oppression that hitting the wild brings to the opponent’s heart!
The more powerful you are, the more oppressive it will be to your opponent!
Night maple chose to collect the four ghosts and then opened the city back in the grass.
After returning home, I upgraded my wild knife, bought two bottles of red medicine, and went out again with an artificial eye and a night maple.
It is almost impossible to kill the king’s master in the middle line. Almost every one of them is produced by beating wild and arresting people. The top assistant may also bring the rhythm through wandering.
But the most important thing is definitely to fight wild
The key factor that drives the situation for the wild is the rhythm!
If you play a wild game in a smooth rhythm, it will be easier than if you go to the road, you will seize the opportunity, and if you go to the middle, you will be able to play a subtle cooperation.
But this night maple obviously doesn’t have such a good rhythm. After squatting in the middle road and the road for a few seconds, there is no chance for him to open the situation.
Finally, Ye Feng set her eyes on the road.
ING, this is his S4 World Finals famous hero, the bald devil Ritz!
Due to the bald devil’s high-light performance in S4, the fist company slashed him after the finals, and of course, Dao Mei was also strong!
It is precisely because these two heroes were hacked that the disciplinary stream rose in S5, which led ING to encounter a replacement dilemma. It was unacceptable to play in S5LPL before being pushed to the bench!
However, the good news is that the latest redone of Bald Devil has made it possible for this ancient hero to win the competition again.
And making Ritz superb, ING naturally began to practice him at the first time.
"Be careful on the road! I’m coming!"
Is receiving three wolves night maple suddenly heart move quickly typing way
I’m not afraid to fight wild GANK, but I’m afraid to get into the wild area and brush wild! But now you can’t stand the loneliness and get ready to start work.
It’s a rare nightmare to lose your teeth and fight wild.
If he doesn’t go now, the ING bald head will be flashed in 20 seconds, but it won’t explode.
But night maple, etc., is playing wild on the other side. How can you meet the single and escape successfully?
"Is my English god going to help ING catch people? It’s best to help ING get a head."
"Yes, yes, English gods help ING. He is very good."
"bad? Is the carousel powerful or the rune god of war powerful? "
Some viewers saw Ye Feng start to walk on the road and typed words on the screen.
Although ING was put on the bench by the YO team after S5 spring competition, his outstanding performance in LPL World Series still made him have many fans.
Of course, some people like nature and some people hate it.
From time to time, a large group of barrage will pop up two sarcastic sentences.
Of course, these night maple didn’t have time to go to see him. Instead of taking the river, they walked directly to the tower through the line.
Pinch a blind spot across the field of vision and then quietly wait for the opposite hand.
Both sides know that their family is behind the wild field, but at the same time they don’t know that the opposite wild field is also squatting.
, and nightmare with damage is obviously not ritz and Pan Sen this is also the night maple dare to squat down!
Looking at Naer’s anger is getting more and more, the picture of the future and reality in Ye Feng’s mind is becoming clearer.
Nell and Ritz are both at Grade 6, and he and Nightmare are not at Grade 6 at the same time!
The biggest key point of this wave of team battles is definitely Ritz and Nall. If Nall’s big move can be released perfectly, his anti-squatting will become very dangerous this time.
Night maple eyes fierce gathered at the same time, the other side has been full of anger, and suddenly an e skill lightly jumped to Xiao Naer, who also turned into a huge one in the process.
Night maple in Naer leap moment has already started to make progress.
Of course, I came out at the same time and had a nightmare in the grass!
A fierce drink turned into a monster form, a big move directly.
His big move was that Ritz was in the middle of the line, so he couldn’t push the wall, but he pushed Ritz from the front to the back.
This cooperation came out of the grass, and the nightmare became a situation that was almost killed!

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