Ah Hou nodded to Ye Shuang and thanked him. "If you don’t die today, I’ll find you again."

Ye Shuang also smiled and nodded, "I am waiting for you."
Ah Hou’s lonely eyes in the original cave bloom again. He firmly believes that it is not that Teddy boy’s swordsmanship is not as good as Jing Ming’s swordsmanship, but that he is not as good as Ye Shuang’s because he has not yet cultivated Dacheng. He will not lose his fighting spirit, but will arouse his fighting spirit.
Watching Ah Hou turn around and leave at this time, the audience began to talk about it. Most people didn’t see clearly the specific situation of the two men playing just now. Why didn’t Ye Shuangjian look slower? Everyone could see it, but he won? A Fei Jian is as fast as lightning in the eyes of all, and he didn’t let them see it clearly.
At this time, several Shaolin Temple brothers behind Zhe were curious and asked, "Brother Zhe, did you see the process of their meetings clearly?" What, I think the winner should be that Hou? I didn’t see him at all. "
Zhe looked dignified and stared at Ye Shuang unblinkingly. "It seems that it is quite difficult for me to capture Ye Shuang back to Shaolin Temple today. His swordsmanship seems to be slow, so that you can see clearly that the reality is almost beyond your eyes. What you see is an illusion. In my eyes, his swordsmanship is much faster than Ah Hou’s."
Stop. Zhe continued, "This is still his left sword."
Not only zhe, but other figures also look dignified when they see Ye Shuang fighting against the master. Maybe Ye Shuang is not as good at skill or innate as they are in the realm of moves, and they have not stepped into the realm of returning to nature, but the martial arts is indestructible and fast, so even if he reaches the realm of returning to nature, he may be killed by Ye Shuang’s sword.
Close your eyes and quietly experience the feeling when the sword just came out. Ye Shuang knows that his swordsmanship has made a new breakthrough and is faster. It is not white to feel that you have never experienced anyone.
Carving this feeling in his body and spirit, Frost suddenly opened his eyes and looked Li Yuanqi straight at the sky. "Come on, let me see a flying knife from Xiao Li."
He’s going to take advantage of his strongest state when he just defeated Ah Hou and his morale is at its peak to face Xiao Li’s flying knife.
Li Yuanqi also put away his former relaxed expression and handed the glass to his left hand. As soon as he spent all his eyes, he got an ordinary three-inch fly knife in his hand.
The Romantic Swordsman
It’s quieter to see the flying knife in his hand than to wait for Ye Shuang and Ah Hou’s sword fight in front of everyone. Almost everyone is staring at the humble flying knife in his hand.
No one can see clearly how the flying knife appeared, even Ye Shuang’s eyesight failed to see clearly how the flying knife appeared. Maybe Xiao Li’s flying knife is hidden in the place, which is doomed to be unpredictable and invisible.
At the moment when the flying knife appeared, Ye Shuang looked completely calm, and his eyes did not fluctuate. The whole person was calm and terrible.
Bingxin tactic
Before facing Ah Hou, out of respect for a swordsman and a swordsman’s dignity, he didn’t run the Bing Xin tactic, but when facing Xiao Li’s flying knife, he didn’t hesitate to carry it. This is not just a confrontation between Linxi and Xiao Li’s flying knife, but also a confrontation between him and life.
The myth of Xiao Li’s flying knife put him under great pressure and he had to do everything to ensure his life. He would never do it. It is a joke to verify whether a finger can catch Xiao Li’s flying knife and a finger is a finger.
Flying knife is light and dazzling in Li Yuanqi’s right hand and five fingers, so people can’t see clearly. Finally, the ordinary flying knife stays in his finger and his eyes look at Ye Shuang calmly.
There is no high-spirited fighting spirit, no so-called murderous intent, but calm. Xiao Li’s flying blade represents all false beliefs
At this moment, Ye Shuang felt a great threat. This deadly threat was unprecedented. He was challenging a myth.
The two are separated by dozens of feet, but at the moment, their distance seems to have disappeared, but they are opposite to each other.
In the operation of Bing Xin’s tactic, Ye Shuang’s heart was crystal clear, and a trace of distractions soon entered the state of confrontation with Ah Hou again. In his eyes, there was no one else but the flying knife.
The flying knife stopped there quietly, but it was so intimidating that Ye Shuang almost couldn’t breathe. This is a kind of mental oppression.
Ye Shuang’s right index finger and middle finger can almost tremble as if they are ready to make a move.
There is only one person left in the world, and the pressure of flying knife is getting more and more serious. The frost is getting harder and harder to calm down. He doesn’t even realize that he is sweating on his forehead. He knows that it is definitely not possible to go like this. Li Yuanqi just puts more pressure on him and forces him to make mistakes. If he wants to show a little flaw, he will be dead.
Active in the hands of Li Yuanqi and Ye Shuang can passively wait for flying knives. This doubt is a kind of suffering.
Although I know Li Yuanqi’s plan, I can’t solve it. It’s like an open plan, even if I know you can face it.
At this time, Ye Shuang can rely on Bing Xin’s formula to completely calm her mind, so that she can meet Xiao Li’s flying knife in the best state.
Facing the still restless heart, Ye Shuang began to recall that he had stepped into the rivers and lakes, which would be dangerous again and again for nearly 20 years, struggling again and again, and challenging again and again. These experiences flowed through his heart like a cursory tour, with so much pain, suffering and struggle. He must not die here.
Ye Shuang was distracted in the face of Xiao Li’s flying knife, and his eyes became extremely hollow. In the life-and-death war, this situation should be a matter of death, but Li Yuanqi didn’t make a move with Xiao Li’s flying knife.
Ye Shuang fell into a strange mental state at this time. From his recollection of his experiences over the years, Xiao Li’s flying knife caused him mental oppression and gradually disappeared. Finally, Xiao Li’s flying knife completely disappeared into his eyes, as if he were alone in heaven and earth.
Some people will collapse under great pressure, while others will be sublimated. Obviously, the death of Xiao Li’s flying knife threatened his spirit to break free from the great oppression of Xiao Li’s flying knife, breaking the shackles and getting washed and sublimated.

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